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Victory Counsel

Help Protect the Right to Vote on Election Day! We know what can happen on Election Day when no one’s watching. Every election, our voter hotline is busy with reports of malfunctioning machines, long lines, and voter disenfranchisement. Democrat Warren to announce Senate candidacy targeting Scott Brown

After weeks of testing the political waters, Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law School professor and Wall Street critic, will officially announce her run for the US Senate tomorrow morning against Republican incumbent Scott Brown. Scott Brown still popular, but support down some

Senator Scott Brown remains the most popular major political figure in Massachusetts, but his approval rating has fallen from a year ago, a sign he may be more vulnerable than anticipated as he gears up for a reelection fight, according to a Boston G Maine panel votes to back Democrats’ districts plan

AUGUSTA, Maine – A bipartisan panel charged with drawing up new boundaries for Maine’s two congressional districts voted 8-7 yesterday in favor of a Democratic plan that makes minimal changes to the present line. Warren not set to announce a run, but shes ready for a fight

Elizabeth Warren has been in full live-wire mode for 45 minutes, joking about her grandchildren, pounding the table as she dissects the mortgage crisis, insisting she will not temper her two-fisted style if she runs for US Senate.