The Meat We Eat: Forum on Industrial Animal Farming, was held at Harvard Law School on Friday, April 4, 2014.

For more information about the conference, see our conference page, and and to view the recorded sessions, see our events recordings page.

The Meat We Eat: Forum on Industrial Animal Farming

“Food policy implicates a broad range of pressing humanitarian, public health, and environmental challenges. These challenges include, among many others: ending hunger, promoting rural economic development, protecting the safety of the food supply, reversing the obesity and diabetes epidemics, and averting catastrophic climate change.  Addressing any and all of these challenges requires the development of healthy, sustainable, and equitable food systems.” –Yale Law School Conference, Developing Food Policy: U.S. & International Perspectives

The Food Law Society seeks to foster on-campus dialogue on numerous issues in law, policy, science and management that confront professionals in the fields of food law and food policy. Members participate in clinical projects and conferences, host speakers, take trips and collaborate with groups throughout the University and the world in their effort to address food issues.