2013-2014 Officers

To contact any officer please email hala@mail.law.harvard.edu and note which officer, if any, you would like to reach in the Subject line. We would love to hear from you!


Evelyn Kachaje

Vice President:

Kelvin Kesse

Panel Events Coordinator:

Sabreena El-Amin

Director of Events:

Sia Henry

Development Conference Co-Chairs:

Sarah Adkins

Patrick Bassey

Africa Spring Break Trip Chair:

Nanjala Nyabola


Charity Fort


Seth Hoedl


Beth Nehrling

Fundraising Chair:

Lauren Gore

Social Chair:

Fatima Mohammed


Past Officers:

2012-2013 Officers

Flora Amwayi, President

Nanjala Nyabola, Vice President

Shelmun Dashan, Webmaster

Sabreena El-Amin, Treasurer

Samantha Glover, Secretary

Lina Dagnew, Conference Chair 

Melissa Chastang, Panel Coordinator (1)

Sasha Sharif, Panel Coordinator (2)

Sia Henry, Director of Events (1)

Nana Boakye, Director of Events (2)

Luwam Berhane, Social Chair

Tess Borden, Fundraising Chair

Patrick Bassey – 1L Chair

Sedoo Manu – LLM Chair(1)

Salwa Mohamed Saleh Hamid – LLM Chair (2)

Aminu Gamawa, SJD Chair (1)

Nkatha Kabira, SJD Chair (2)



Past Officers:

2011-2012 Officers

Tareah Ikharo, Co-President

Tinbet Tecle, Co-President

Sasha Sharif, Secretary

Nana Boakye, Panels Coordinator

Flora Amwayi, Conference Coordinator

Nkatha Kabira, SJD Representative

Marie Ndiaye, Director of Events

Danielle Hamilton, Fundraising Chair

Leah Kang, Treasurer

Tyeesha Dixon, Social Chair

Shelmun Dashan, Historian