The Harvard Association for Law & Business (HALB) is a student organization which seeks to do the following:

  • Education. Provide HLS students and other members of the Harvard community with business interests with panels, events and other resources and opportunities to enhance their exposure to the business world, especially as it intersects with legal issues.
  • Recruiting. Support HLS students who are interested in non-legal business careers, by providing opportunities to learn about careers in business, and by developing and supporting recruiting connections among HLS students, HLS alumni, and non-legal business enterprises.
  • Networking. Facilitate networking and knowledge-sharing among HALB members, between the HLS, HBS and other Harvard communities, and among students, faculty, and business and law practitioners.

Other programs and offices on campus which work in related areas include the Office of Career Services (which collaborates closely with HALB), the Program on the Legal Profession, the Center on Lawyers and the Professional Services Industry, the Center for Corporate Governance, and the Program on Negotiation.