Upcoming Plans

HALB will also be sponsoring numerous events this year:

Speakers and events

  • Arrange and co-sponsor with OCS speakers and events pertaining to business careers and business issues
  • Arrange lunches with business-oriented professors and other members of the Harvard community
  • Organize and subsidize trips to conferences in the Boston area for HALB members
  • Notify HALB listserv members of other events of interest taking place on campus, including events sponsored by other HLS student organizations; events held at HBS, Sloan or elsewhere; and events taking place inside HLS corporate law classrooms

Networking for HALB members

  • Social and networking events for HALB members and other members of the Harvard community
  • Build an online community for networking and information exchange among HALB members who have experience or interest in business or business law

HALB Knowledge Center

  • We will post business-related on-campus opportunities and information (e.g. research opportunities with HLS corporate law professors; brown bag lunches with professors)
  • We will also create permanent online content for the HALB Knowledge Center. To this end, we will be working with OCS, interviewing HLS alumni in law and business, interviewing HLS and HBS faculty, and drawing on other outside resources