The 2015 Asia Business Conference

The Asia Business Conference is one of the world’s largest conferences covering Asian business and is the largest student-run conference of its kind.  It is an annual one-day event in Cambridge, Massachusetts, hosted together by the Harvard Asia Law Society and Harvard Business School’s Asia Business Club.  The Conference brings together political and business leaders, academics, and students to discuss developments in Asian economies from both business and legal perspectives.  Topics include Asian capital markets, mergers and acquisitions law, and business success stories.

Panelists from top businesses and law firms in Asia participate in a number of discussions throughout the day, and keynote speakers describe the past, present, and future of business in Asia.  Past keynote speakers have drawn on experiences in government, entrepreneurship, and professional services in Asia.  The wide participation by a diverse group of attendees and the structure of the Conference provide ample opportunities for learning and networking.

More information about the Asia Business Conference will be forthcoming soon at