Overview – the Annual Spring Break delegation

Every year since 1995, HALS has sponsored a delegation of 20-30 members to visit an Asian country during spring break. During the trip, students become acquainted with the legal, political, and economic climate of the host country. Recent trip destinations have included Taipei, Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

Photo credit: Felicity Hammond

The 2014 Spring Break Delegation to Seoul

In March 2014, HALS sponsored a delegation to Korea, seeking to explore the fascinating mix of modernity and traditionalism that is Seoul. The delegation visited law firms, government agencies, NGOs, educational institutions, and prominent businesses, and explored UNESCO heritage sites, the abundant natural beauty around Seoul, and other cultural gems. As the South Korean legal market had just opened to outsiders and many foreign firms were establishing new offices in Seoul, the delegation had the opportunity to witness firsthand the changes in legal education and in the legal profession of this dynamic country.   HALS Seoul 2014

The 2013 Spring Break Delegation to Hong Kong

  In March 2013, HALS sponsored a delegation to Hong Kong. The delegation met with members of the local judiciary, sponsor law firms, and representatives of the Hong Kong Exchange and Hong Kong Arbitration Centre.  The delegation also had the opportunity to explore Lamma Island, Kowloon, and Macau.  Read more about the 2013 Hong Kong Delegation Brochure and Itinerary.

The 2012 Spring Break Delegation to Japan

In March 2012, HALS sponsored a delegation to Japan. The delegation met with sponsor law firms, officials, and government agencies in Tokyo. The delegation also visited cultural sites in the Kansai region and the Toyota plant in Aichi prefecture.

The Japan Trip brochure and itinerary will be available shortly.


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