Electronic Communications

Create and Access a Listserv

  • The user name and password is the same as those for your e-mail account. Similarly, if you are updating the listserv for your student organization, the user name and password would be the same as your student.


Create and Update a Website

  • Contact the DOS Web Coordinator or come by the Dean of Students Office in WCC 3039.
  • Read through the Use of Name policy from our Trademark Office.
  • Renew the website information each Spring with new leadership information.


Create and Update an E-mail Account

  • Sign up for an e-mail account
  • Sign in to your e-mail account using Gmail. Click here for general instructions on how to use Gmail.
  • Change the password to your e-mail account (ITS can reset the password for your e-mail account).
  • Renew your e-mail address – Many student organization e-mail accounts are set to expire annually on October 31. Contact the Dean of Students Office to renew your account.