Can the Harvard Immigration Project take my case?

Each of HIP’s projects has a process for receiving new clients.

The Removal Defense Project (RDP) conducts our own intake; we welcome referrals and direct contact from potential clients.

  • If you or someone you know is in immigration detention in Suffolk County House of Corrections, please contact our Intake Director, Hanne Olson ( to determine whether HIP may be able to provide representation for a bond hearing.  
  • Unfortunately, RDP is not able to represent clients in their underlying removal cases.  We refer these cases to our allies.
  • Unfortunately, RDP is not able to represent clients who are in detention outside of Suffolk, or who are not detained.

Immigration Services receives referrals from local legal services organizations, including The Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic, Greater Boston Legal Services, and the Irish International Immigrant Center.  We do not conduct our own intake.

The Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project takes cases from the national IRAP organization. We do not conduct our own intake.

The Policy Project does not offer direct representation. However, we are always happy to learn about new opportunities to support immigrants’ rights advocates and organizations with legal research, policy analysis, and other forms of advocacy for just and humane immigration in the United States. For more information, please contact our Policy Director, Scott Hochberg (

Other common questions:

  • What languages do HIP members speak?  Many HIP students are fluent in languages other than English. If you or someone in your family prefers to speak another language, let us know and we will do our best to assign your case to a student who speaks that language.  We are often able to accommodate Spanish and French-speaking clients, and do our best with other languages upon request.
  • Are HIP members attorneys?  No; we are students at Harvard Law School.  We work under the supervision of experienced attorney and Lecturer of Law, Phil Torrey, who oversees our cases.

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