Board of Directors

Board of Directors

2012-2013 Board of Directors

Tanika Vigil, President
Jared Nicholson, Executive Director
Matt Nickell, Vice President of Practice Standards
Breana Ware, Vice President of Membership
Sam Heppell, Secretary-Treasurer
Zachary Hill, Intake Director
Jean Strout, Outreach Director
Esther Mulder, Training Director
Lerae Kroon, Communications Director
Uzezi Abugo, Alumni Director
Kirsten Bass, 100th Anniversary Chair


2011-2012 Board of Directors

Tim Visser, President
Josh Rovenger, Executive Director
Ceilidh Gao, Vice President for Practice Standards
Emily Wales, Vice President for Membership
Justine Goeke, Secretary-Treasurer
Lena Silver, Training Director
Jennifer Ramos, Intake Director
Cristina Rodrigues, Outreach Director
Dave Barber, Research and Technology Director
Patrick Llewellyn, Communications Director

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