Dear Students and Partners,

Welcome to the Couples Association of Harvard Law School! The Harvard Law Couples Association (HCLA) is a social organization for students, their significant others and their children. Our organization offers many activities over the course of the year to encourage social interaction and provide support for those students who have come to Harvard with partners or families. It serves as a resource for questions about HLS, living in the greater Boston area, and the nature of experiencing Harvard Law as a couple or family. HLCA has enhanced the law school experience for hundreds of students and non-student partners.

Some of the HLCA activities we have had in the past include apple picking trips, holiday dinner parties, trivia nights, Celtics games, trips to the theater in Boston, and picnics. Our Women’s and Men’s Clubs hold monthly activities such as gourmet dessert parties, football nights, dinners out, comedy club events and more. We have a Children’s Club that coordinates play groups, a Halloween party, a spring egg hunt, and on-campus group meetings designed specifically for students with children. There are a ton of exciting activities planned for this upcoming year. On behalf of the entire HLCA Executive Board, we hope to see you soon!

Amber Chang
President, Harvard Law Couples Association
Wife of HLS 2L