Health care has become one of the dominant social issues of our time.  Advocates for low-income and minority populations, government entities from local to federal levels, and businesses of all sizes have come to recognize its significance in their work.

As this has happened, it has created a need for lawyers with specialties and interests in nearly every area of the law.  In the nonprofit arena, advocates help low-income individuals and families secure medical coverage, stable housing, disability and other benefits with an eye towards how these resources effect health.  These lawyers also advocate on behalf of the disabled and others who are discriminated against because of their health status, and they assist with end-of-life planning for the terminally ill.  Within the government, health care lawyers set policy, create and regulate programs to provide low-income medical coverage, examine and approve hospital mergers and profit-status changes, and monitor and prosecute billing and fraud by physicians and hospitals.  In the for-profit realm, private firms pursue and defend malpractice claims, defend fraud cases, handle mergers and acquisitions for hospitals and HMOs, serve as general counsel for health care providers, conduct intellectual property work for creators of medical devices and medications, and provide consulting services to physicians’ practice groups.

Our members have interests as diverse as the list above, and our events are meant to welcome individuals interested in any field of health-related law.  We have hosted prominent speakers on a range of health law topics, career panels with local professionals, summer job panels with 2Ls and 3Ls, conferences that bring together lawyers from across the country, and brown-bag lunches with health care professors from the Law School and other Harvard schools.  In addition, we are working to create opportunities for HLS to work with local community based organizations that advocate for the low-income populations of Boston.

We encourage interested students to visit us at the Student Organizations Fair and come to our opening events.



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