The HLS Student Bar Association would like to welcome you to Harvard Law School. We are the school’s student link to the American Bar Association and the vast community of legal practitioners that make up its membership. We put on events during the year to address issues important to law students and connect them to the resources of the ABA.  Additionally, we send student representatives to ABA meetings to discuss and vote on issues important to law students, ranging from ABA recommendations regarding specific legal issues to the regulations that govern ABA accreditation of law schools. We also provide information about ABA events and conferences, and various meetings between the student bar associations in our circuit. ABA membership is available to all law students, but not required to participate in the student bar association.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Ben Holtzman, SBA President (bholtzman@jd12.law.harvard.edu) or Ryan Blodgett, your ABA rep (rblodget@jd12.law.harvard.edu) We’re very much looking forward to getting to know you!