Israel Trip

Every year, JLSA brings a group of Harvard Law students on a 10-day leadership mission to Israel over spring break. From hiking Masada and touring the Old City of Jerusalem to meeting Israeli legislators and Supreme Court justices, the trip includes visits to major historical, religious, and cultural sites throughout Israel as well as meetings with senior Israeli officials and thought leaders. The trip is not designed to advance any particular position beyond Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish democracy within secure and recognized borders. The trip is heavily subsidized and very popular among HLS students, and it is one of JLSA’s signature programs.

Deputy Director for 2015 and Director for 2016 Israel Trip
Apply to be the 2015 JLSA Israel Trip Deputy Director! The Deputy Director assists in planning this year’s trip, and commits to serving as Director of next year’s trip. The Deputy must be a 1L or 2L. The Deputy joins the trip both this year and next year. If you are interested in applying for the position or if you have questions, please contact Eric at

Apply Now for JLSA’s Subsidized Spring Break Trip to Israel!
JLSA’s annual trip to Israel provides HLS students a special opportunity to explore the wonders and complexities of the state. The trip includes visits to major historical, religious, and cultural sites as well as meetings with Israeli officials, activists, journalists and more. This is not Birthright: HLS students of all religious faiths are encouraged to apply. This year’s trip is scheduled for March 11-22, 2015. Please email Eric at to request an application or for more information.