News Update, 3/1

1) Guyanese activists mount court challenge to ‘cross-dressing’ ban

On Friday, February 19, 2010, the notice of motion was filed before the Supreme Court of Judicature for redress claiming, among other relief, to have section 153(1)(xlvii) of the Summary Jurisdiction (Offences) Act, Chapter 8:02, invalidated as irrational, discriminatory, undemocratic, contrary to the rule of law and unconstitutional. The law makes an offence of “being a man, in any public way or public place, for any improper purpose, appears in female attire, or being a woman, in any public way or public place, for any improper purpose, appears in male attire.”
February 20, 2010, marks the second annual commemoration of World Day of Social Justice, which recognizes, in the words of United Nations General Assembly Resolution (A/RES/62/10), that “social development and social justice cannot be attained… in the absence of respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

2) Time to Register for the Conference! Also, We need Spanish translators and places for people to crash!

HLS Lambda is only in its 5th year of putting on a queer legal advocacy conference, and each year we try to top the previous years. This year is going to be an amazing two-day extravaganza of international LGBT rights and activism. Panelists are coming from literally all over the world to speak on criminal law, constitutional law, family law, refugee law, and more.
Click on “Conference” above to see the panels and breakout sessions, and most importantly, to register for the conference. We have a tight budget this year, and limited space for all of the meals.

Also, we are desperately seeking some Spanish speakers who would be willing to help with some translation throughout the conference. Basically the task is to be part of a team of people switching off to follow around a pair of people – one of the lawyers arguing the marriage case in Argentina and the other a trans, indigenous rights activist from Argentina.  Should be really interesting!

If you have an extra couch or something, we have law students coming from all over who could use a place to crash.

3) Last chance for LGBT summer scholarships: HLS and HGLC

Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus

HLS GLBT Alumni Comittee funding, which makes up the difference between SPIF and the summer funding cap, is due March 5.

4) LGBT State Senate candidate seeking volunteers

Interested in working on a local election campaign? Councilor Denise Simmons is running for State Senate. The primary is April 13.
Neal Alpert
Campaign Manager
Denise Simmons For State Senate
C: (508) 380-8830

5) Penn reaching out to gay undergrads

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