Lambda Elections Info

If you are interested in running for a position on the board, email lambda@law. Feel free to ask any questions about what being on the board is all about, and to get more details about what you can expect from each of the various positions. Official statements of interest are due on Tuesday, March 23. That night, at the Lambda meeting, candidates will give brief speeches about why they are running, and the election will follow.

Please remember that you should feel free to run as a joint ticket with someone else for any position. If you haven’t found anyone to run with yet, but are still interested, email me and I can help you get in touch with other potential candidates.
The traditional board positions (President, Political Chair, Social Chair, Treasurer, Firm Liaison) are listed below. However, we are always open to innovation – for example, the firm liaison is a relatively new position that someone thought would serve a previously unmet need.

The President is the glue that holds the Board together. Responsible for scheduling meetings, updating the website and email list, collaborating with the presidents of other clubs on campus and other LGBT orgs at Harvard, and filling in where other board members neglect their duties, the presidency is not for the faint of heart. If you’re interested in the presidency, you should plan on having lots of time to dedicate to the organization, and lots of energy and enthusiasm about your fellow queers. You also get the opportunity to meet with Dean Minow, the Dean of Students, OCS/OPIA, and the Dean of Admissions to help make the structure of HLS a better place for LGBT students.

Social Chair (aka outreach / community chair) is one of the most fun and active positions in Lambda. As a social chair, you have the task of organizing and deciding the theme for Outlaw, perhaps the largest LGBT grad school dance in Boston. The social chair also gets to know almost everyone in Lambda, and helps to bring a sense of cohesiveness to the organization by organizing our annual retreat and mixers, brunches, and game nights.

As the Political Chair (aka educational programming chair) you’ll have the opportunity to plan educational panels and debates focusing on issues that are important to the Lambda constituency. You’ll have the task of reaching out to potential speakers – both academics and legal professionals – and inviting them onto campus to participate in panels and discussions, with the ultimate goal of teaching Lambda members, and HLS students more broadly, about an area of law or legal practice that is of importance to the LGBT community. You’ll be able to take a role in channeling the response of our membership to political developments into student action. And, you’ll be able to collaborate with other student groups on campus to put together programs where there are intersecting interests.

Treasurer is a less time-intensive role, but an important one. The treasurer works with Will Howell in the Dean of Students Office and the firm liaison to manage Lambda funds, and is the voice of reason at board meetings when we talk about our dreams for big parties with ice sculptures.

Firm Liaison is a great opportunity for anyone interested in networking with big law firms. The firm liaison works with law firms to schedule receptions and other events, and is also responsible for raising the funds that keep Lambda running.

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