35th Anniversary Colloquium

35th Anniversary Colloquium

A Retrospective and a Way Forward: LGBT Rights and Activism at HLS and Beyond
October 18, 2013

Introduction & Panels (video)

Opening Remarks
  • Martha Minow (moderator), Dean and Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Panel 1: LGBTQ at HLS: A Three-Decade Reunion
  • Prof. Jose Gomez, ’81, Professor, Evergreen University
  • Prof. Bradley Sears, ’95, Director, Williams Institute at UCLA Law
  • Amanda Goad, ’05 LGBT/AIDS project, ACLU
Panel 2: Marriage Equality: What We’ve Achieved
  • Prof. Jeannie Suk, Professor, Harvard Law School (moderator)
  • James Esseks, ACLU, Director of LGBT/AIDS project
  • Paul Smith, Partner, Jenner & Block (argued Lawrence v. Texas)
  • Laurence Tribe, Professor, Harvard Law School (argued Bowers v. Hardwick)
Panel 3: Future Challenges: Where We Go From Here
  • Janson Wu, GLAD (moderator)
  • Prof. Jennifer Levi, GLAD, Director, Transgender Rights Project
  • David Codell, Private Attorney, Legal Director, Williams Institute at UCLA Law
  • Pat Brady, former Chairperson, Illinois GOP, consulted for the ACLU on marriage equality in IL

Keynote Address (video)

  • Roberta Kaplan, Partner, Paul, Weiss (argued Windsor v. United States)