The 2013-2014 HLLDS Board is constituted as follows:

President: Leon Johnson. The President shall lead the Executive Committee, call meetings, serve as parliamentarian at Election Meetings and Amendment Quorums, set forth budget decisions, and coordinate the general business of HLLDS. The President shall serve as HLLDS’ primary liaison with other HLS student organizations, the HLS administration, and other individuals and entities.

Treasurer/Vice President: Jared Young. The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records of HLLDS, ensure reimbursement for approved expenses, and submit HLLDS’ financial records as required. The Treasurer shall assume the responsibilities of the President in the event that the President resigns or is unable to fulfill the duties attendant to the position.

Academic Chair: Michael Robertson. The Academic Chairperson shall lead the Academic Committee, which shall provide academic support to the members of HLLDS.

Events Chair: Sydney Pritchett. The Events Chairperson shall lead the Events Committee, which shall be responsible for planning and executing the events of HLLDS.

Outreach Chair: David Geiger. The Outreach Chairperson shall lead the Outreach Committee, which shall be responsible for publicizing events, maintaining HLLDS’ website, recording organizational history, supporting alumni relations, recruiting prospective LDS students, and promoting interfaith outreach initiatives.

Speakers Chair: Brad Berg. The Speakers Chairperson shall be responsible for planning and executing events involving guest speakers.


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