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LIDS Global, Volume I: Issues in Combating Transnational Corruption

LIDS Global and its partner schools produced an innovative, inaugural research project during the 2013-2014 school year. Building off on the LIDS White Paper, “Access to Remedies for Public Harm Caused by Foreign Public Bribery: Proposals for Legal Reform in the U.S.,” the LIDS Global partner schools undertook research pertaining to a particular issue related to corruption and options for compensation in their respective regions. The schools shared their findings in papers, which have been compiled as LIDS Global, Volume I: Issues in Combating Transnational Corruption.


Overview of LIDS Global

LIDS Global is an exciting initiative through which LIDS has been fostering relationships with law school students outside of the United States who have similar interests in international development issues. Along with helping a few schools create their own international development organizations, LIDS Global leads collaborative research projects with the contribution of participating schools. 

Currently, LIDS Global has participating schools from India, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. If you have any questions about LIDS Global or are interested in collaborating with LIDS, please contact the Vice Presidents of Collaborations, Elizabeth Loftus and Chris Crawford.

The Teams

Law Institute at Kyrgyz National University (KNU)

Law Institute under KNU is a leading center for the training of qualified specialists in the field of law, law enforcement, prosecutors and the judiciary, as well as the development of legal science in Kyrgyzstan. Renowned graduates from the university include multiple government officials and chairs from the high courts of the Kyrgyz Republic.  Currently, there are over 4000 students studying at KNU from different parts of Kyrgyz Republic and from abroad (Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Korea and China).

For their LIDS Global project, a team of students from KNU is researching corruption in the judiciary sector such as bribery and graft. This research will encompass working with individuals from the Ministry of Justice and district police departments. The KNU team is led by Nargiza Sagynbekova and Aizada Marat kyzy.

Kyrgyz National University Team


University of Dar Es Salaam Law and Development Organization (UDLDO)

ULDO was formed in 2012 at the University of Dar Es Salaam School of Law. Founded by Jackson Roselian with full support from Nickson Filbert and Nelson Mwambashi, ULDO aims to replicate the objectives and formation structure of LIDS. The University of Dar Es Salaam School of Law is the oldest law faculty of East Africa and enjoys an excellent reputation in the region. The school started in 1961 with 14 students and now more than 700 students are enrolled.

ULDO’s team members for LIDS Global are Jackson Roselian (the team leader), Fuime Nicholus, Salma Musa, Kichenje Octavian Joseph, Bob Chacha Wangwe, Jesca Paul, and Pascal Mshanga. For their research project, they will be exploring the best ways to compensate victims of corruption and alternative options for remedies.

University of Dar es Salaam School of Law 

University of the Philippines Student Organization for Law and International Development (U.P. SOLID)

The University of the Philippines College of Law, the premiere law institution in the Philippines, is home to the newly-established U.P. Student Organization for Law and International Development. The U.P. SOLID aims to promote legal research in various aspects of international development to improve major areas relevant to the Philippines, such as governance, education, disaster relief and management, and human rights. True to the ideals of the College of teaching law in the grand manner, U.P. SOLID is currently working on a research project to consolidate existing legal remedies available to victims of corruption in the Philippines.

U.P. SOLID is composed of law students cognizant of current national issues and share common interests of helping the country in its developmental goals. The current members of the organization are Ronald Ray San Juan, Hans Cedric Santos, Mary Therese Paras, Efren II Resurección, Antonio Rafael Ongkeko Jr, Ernesto Herrera III, Rose Ann Gonzales, Eunice Anne Ignacio, Gabriel Stephen Calleja, Dominique Marie Gana, Mely Ann Cristobal, John Nowell Cruz, Hannah Isabella Chan and Roe Anne Cadiz. For their LIDS Global project, the students aim to aim to propose an all-in-one remedy for victims of corruption based on existing and available remedies under Philippine laws.

Philippines Photo

National Law School of India University, Bangalore


Masters Program in Human Rights and Democratization, University of Colombo