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TradeLab: Social Media, Trade, and Investment for Development

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When: 9AM Friday, October 18
Where: WCC 3019

Professor Joost Pauwelyn, a trade law expert at the Graduate Institute in Geneva and a panelist at the 2013 LIDS Symposium, will be giving a presentation to a select group of students and scholars regarding his new social media project TradeLab. Founded in collaboration with Stanford Law School, TradeLab seeks to bring together professional trade and investment law experts to help provide smaller businesses and under-resourced stakeholders (poor countries, smaller trade associations and NGOs) with the technical and legal resources necessary to engage with and benefit from trade and investment treaties.

LIDS Event Review: Cornell’s Ndulo contextualizes Chinese investment across Africa

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October 7, 2013 – Cristoforo Magliozzi

Is China propagating a new wave of exploitation in Africa or is it beneficially recasting the position of Africa in the global economy? Cornell Law Professor Muna Ndulo suggested a bit of both in his visit to Harvard Law School on Thursday, Oct. 3, while contextualizing broader international investment practices in Africa and China’s investment elsewhere in the world.

Ndulo cited the role of China supporting anti-apartheid guerrilla movements in 1994 South Africa to illustrate that self-interest always reigns in how governments relate to one another.  Whether a beneficial or detrimental outcome results depends on whether interests converge.

The scope of Chinese influence must also be well-considered—a minority of African nations today that do not have some form of democracy, and each iteration is nuanced. One cannot presume that Chinese investment props dictators or impedes the progression of human rights; the consequences of Chinese investment must be considered on a nation-by-nation basis.

In some instances, the Chinese non-interference policy on investment might actually boost rights tied predominantly to economic and not structural factors in ways that the conditional policies of other nations may fail to produce. And one must also remember the tremendous role that other foreign investment in Africa … Read More »

LIDS Adviser Katrin Kuhlmann Launches New Markets Lab

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September 15, 2013

LIDS adviser Katrin Kuhlmann launched a nonprofit called New Market Labs earlier this year. NML intends to generate and house innovative approaches in economic law, regulation and policy to address impediments to market expansion in developing countries. Based in Washington, DC, NML is already partnering with TransFarm Africa, the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) on projects in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Kuhlmann, together with former LIDS co-President Colette van der Ven and Erum Sattar of Harvard Law School, has also set up the Trade Innovation Institute, an informal group that gives students at Harvard and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy an opportunity to research legal and policy matters relevant to NML”s mission.

Katrin Kuhlmann is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University Law Center, President of TransFarm Africa, a fellow at ANDE, and Executive Director of the U.S.-Africa Business Center. She was a 2012-13 Wasserstein Fellow at Harvard Law School.

Image Courtesy Barrick Gold Corp.