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How To Land Your Dream Internship: LIDS Projects!

Posted on January 21st, by John Rennie in LIDS LIVE. No Comments

Jan. 21, 2014 – John Rennie

With the start of the spring semester one of the biggest questions on students’ minds is how they will spend the upcoming summer. For many law students this has already been settled and they know what law firm they will be working at during the summer. But others, especially graduate students like myself, face an open opportunity. This can be a challenge – finding the right internship can require both work and luck – but also an opportunity, as it provides a reason to reach out to organizations that you have always been interested in and see where you might fit.

I mention the process of finding internship and jobs because I think it highlights one of the biggest assets of LIDS projects – the opportunity to engage with organizations doing exciting and cutting-edge development work. As I learned last year, this can be a natural step to a great summer internship.

I began working on LIDS projects last year when I joined a project with the Vale Columbia Center for Sustainable International Investment. Our project researched best practices in the use of technology transfers in FDI. As I got to know the organization and their work … Read More »