White Paper

The White Paper Model is a new addition to LIDS as of Fall 2012. It will involve researching broader development-related issues and using this research to write white papers that we will publish on our website.


FALL 2012 (2 semesters)

Team leaders: Maryum Jordan and Delphia Lim.

This White Paper investigates the provision of access to remedy in the U.S. for corporate public bribery. In particular, it spotlights the controversial proposition that access to remedy in the U.S. should be available to victims of corporate bribery who are foreign individuals. Taking that idea as its premise, this paper considers selected ways such access to remedy may be provided for in practice, including the merits and feasibility of providing for a private right of action for foreign individuals under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. In doing so, this paper seeks to shed light on how efforts to provide access to remedy for those harmed by corruption in development can move forward.