Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs East Africa Pilot
The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) Legal Working Group has launched a pilot project to develop of a set of legal tools suited to the East African market which will help entrepreneurs, social enterprises, investors and lawyers working in the region navigate basic legal issues on a mission-consistent basis and reduce the time and expense of understanding local market requirements and legal standards.  The project is led by the New Markets Lab/TransFarm Africa and Nairobi-based Open Capital Advisors, with the support of the Acumen Fund, Grassroots Business Fund, Root Capital, Accion and other ANDE members. The tools under development – a legal snapshot of key issues, a best practices manual for investment in the region, and a guide for entrepreneurs – will help all involved start from a shared understanding of key legal and regulatory issues in the region. The Legal Working Group team will conduct another set of on-ground consultations in late May, with a project launch scheduled for summer 2013 in Nairobi.  The ANDE Legal Working Group will update and possibly build upon the tools developed through this pilot and may extend this approach to other regions in which ANDE is active.