Bangladesh Shrimp

Helping Bangladeshi Shrimp Farmers
In the past, Bangladeshi shrimp exporters have faced rejection of their merchandise in EU countries. The Bangladeshi shrimp industry also faces the risk of losing Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) access to the US because of alleged violations of human rights. Sidley Austin LLP is providing research on EU SPS and US GSP standards and held a workshop in Dhaka in January 2013 to train shrimp producers and exporters on such regulations. The workshop was attended by representatives from the department of fisheries, concerned ministries, Bangladesh Economic Growth Program, Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute, Bangladesh Tariff Commission, Business Promotion Council, the EU, USAID, World Fish Centre, Bangladesh Aquaculture Alliance and Bangladesh Frozen Fish Exporters Association. The speakers at the workshop emphasized the importance of awareness among stakeholders on various compliance and standards issues applied in the major importing countries, as well as the capacity of farmers, processors and exporters of the fishery products to meet the international standards. The workshop was covered extensively in the Bangladeshi press.

For the TII  project, an HLS student will be researching the labor practices of the shrimp industry and recommend how these standards can be improved so that the shrimp farmers continue to be eligible for GSP access to the US.