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California State Professor As’ad AbuKhalil

Carlos A. J. Rodriguez-RussoCalifornia State Professor As’ad AbuKhalil contrasts the Middle East policies of Presidents Bush and Obama yesterday at Harvard Law School.

MELSA featured in the Harvard Crimson: A California State professor fiercely criticized the Obama administration’s foreign policy at a Harvard Law School speech yesterday for continuing what he termed the Bush administration’s policy of seeking to solidify American power.

As’ad AbuKhalil—a politics and public administration professor at California State University Stanislaus—offered a blistering critique of the Obama administration’s record thus far, focusing on combating beliefs that Obama’s foreign policy has marked a departure from the expansionist philosophy he said was espoused by the Bush administration

As evidence, AbuKhalil pointed to similarities between Obama’s landmark speech to the Muslim world in Cairo and Bush’s speeches. He said both had a kind exterior but carried an underlying message that “Muslims would be tolerated, provided they do what they are told.”

AbuKhalil also criticized what he said was a limited range of viewpoints with influence over U.S. foreign policy. (click to read more)

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