1st Interfaith Conference: Faith & Legal Work

We were very excited to last week partake with CLSA, JLSA, Latter-day Saints, and Christian Fellowship in putting on Harvard Law School’s first annual interfaith conference, focusing on Faith & Legal Work on March 3. We hosted over fifteen speakers, including practitioners, professors, and students to discuss religious, ethical, and legal issues arising from the intersection between being a person of faith and a lawyer. If you’re intersested in learning more, you can watch here!:

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Outline Banks, Undergrad Mentorship, Eid Dinner

Outline Bank: This year, MLSA is very excited about starting an outline bank, accessible to students of the organization. If you’re a graduate, 2L, or 3L who has outlines for classes in which you received an H or better please email them to havardmlsa@gmail.com. Please save the files as [Professor][Subject][SemesterYear][Grade].doc. Thanks!

Mentor Undergrads: If you’re interested in mentoring Muslim students from the College, please fill out this form! This initiative is open to all J.D. candidates and if you’re interested, please submit your responses by October 15th. If you’re already a 1L mentor but would also like to mentor an undergrad student, please shoot me an email.

Eid Dinner: The Eid Dinner will be on Thursday, October 17th, from 7:30-9 PM in WCC 4063. Come join us for amazing halaal food and great (not to oversell it too much) company!

Other Events: Be on the lookout for upcoming events, including a mixer with the Bengali Students Association and Pakistani Students Association, as well as a Four Lions movie night in early December!

Finally, we’re looking to expand our operations and fill out board positions this year, so if you want to be more involved with MLSA, please let us know!
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2013 Inaugural Event

We’re pleased to announced MLSA’s first event of the year! We will be hosting a game night with Apples to Apples and Insomnia cookies on Wednesday, September 18, from 7:30-9 in Wasserstein 4061.
It’ll be a great chance to unwind a little bit after the first two weeks of classes and meet some of the other Muslims on campus. And if you have any other games you want to bring please feel free to do so! We look forward to seeing you!


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Mentorship Initiative


This year, we’re very excited to introduce a new mentorship initiative, matching incoming Muslim 1Ls with 2Ls and 3Ls. We hope that this will be a good resource for 1Ls to smooth their transition as well as help students across years to get to know each other.

If you’re a 2L or 3L interested in being a mentor, you can fill out a brief survey to help us match you to a 1L here.

If you’re a 1L interested in being matched to a mentor, you can complete a short  survey so that we can best match you to a mentor here.

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New Presidents and New School Year

Salaam! Samir Zaffer and Nimra Azmi are the Harvard Muslim Law Students Association’s co-presidents for the 2013-2014 school year. We’re both very excited to be serving in this capacity and hope to continue the tradition of community-building within and without the HLS Muslim community. We look forward to organizing numerous events this year, including a Welcome Back dinner in September, insh’Allah.

If you’re interested in becoming more involved with MLSA, please email  either szaffer@jd15.law.harvard.edu or nazmi@jd15.law.harvard.edu. We’re also working on updating this website so apologies if things are a bit disorganized!

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