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Spring 2013

60th Annual Williston Competition Winners Announced

Spring 2012

50th Annual Williston Competition Winners Announced

Spring 2010
Williston Winners Celebrate Negotiated Victory
Negotiating Law Was Fun, Fulfilling

November 2009:
Harvard Negotiators bring new ways of looking at conflict resolution to the Mississippi Delta

May 28, 2008:
Harvard Negotiator and Harvard Mediation & Negotiation Clinical student presents Negotiation & Genocide Prevention Training for Mid-level Diplomats

April 6, 2008:
Harvard Negotiators win prestigious Negotiation Challenge 2008


(1) Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program
The Harvard Negotiation Clinical Program (HNMCP) is a for-credit , faculty-supervised program that provides students with practical, real-world experience in the fields of negotiation, dispute resolution, and conflict management, with a particular focus on conflict mapping and dispute systems design. Students in the program are paired with outside organizations, institutions, or individuals who provide projects related to negotiation, dispute resolution, or conflict management.

(2) Harvard Mediation Program
The Harvard Mediation Program is a student pratice organization and clinical program of the Harvard Law School, devoted to the training of mediators and the provision of mediation services to the community. The Harvard Mediation Program has grown significantly, now encompassing small claims, landlord-tenant, parent-child, and advanced civil mediation practices.

(3) Program on Negotiation (PON)
The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (PON) is a world-renowned interdisciplinary center on negotiation and conflict resolution. PON presents lectures, discussions, classes, and conferences in addition to producing publications and teaching materials. Founded and based at Harvard Law School, PON is a consortium of faculty, students, and staff at Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University, and other Boston-area schools