“Reforming the Criminal Justice System,” with Vanita Gupta
Presented by SALSA, Co-sponsored by the National Lawyers’ Guild, Unbound, and ACS.
Tuesday, April 10, 12-1pm
Wasserstein 2012

Widely recognized as one of America’s leading civil rights attorneys, Vanita Gupta is currently the Deputy Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Director of the organization’s Center for Justice.  Prior to joining the ACLU, she was an attorney at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, where she successfully led the effort to overturn wrongful drug convictions of 38 defendants in Tulia, Texas.  More recently, Gupta secured a landmark settlement on behalf of immigrant children detained at a medium security prison in Texas.  She will speak about criminal justice in the United States, the ACLU’s national campaign to end mass incarceration, the intersection between criminal justice and immigration detention, and her experiences as a South Asian American civil rights attorney.  Indian food will be served.

Vanita will be meeting with a small group after the event to discuss the criminal justice system, careers in public interest, and other topics of interest to students.  Please e-mail if interested.


“Targeted Killing, Indefinite Detention, Military Commissions: What Happened to Checks and Balances?”: A Debate with Jack Goldsmith and Jameel Jaffer
Presented by SALSA, Co-Sponsored by the National Lawyers’ Guild and Unbound
Wednesday, April 11, 12-1 pm
Wasserstein 1015

In his new book “Power and Constraint,” Professor Jack Goldsmith contests the conventional wisdom that the war on terror has diminished traditional checks and balances on executive power.  Rather, he suggests, the Executive post-9/11 is subject to a host of legal and political constraints, which have transformed our “unprecedentedly powerful presidency” into one that is “unprecedentedly accountable.”

Join us for a debate on this subject with Professor Goldsmith and ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer, a civil liberties attorney who has litigated some of the leading constitutional challenges to counterterrorism policy and a prominent critic of government secrecy and official impunity.  Professor Dan Meltzer will moderate.  Lunch will be served.