Previous Executive Boards

2012-2013NSLA Executive Board, 2012-2013

President: Innokenty (Kenny) Pyetranker
President: James Moxness
Vice President (Academics): Heather Alpino
Vice President (Careers): Zachary Eddington
Vice President (Careers): Susan Hennessey
Vice President (Development): Sara Slavin
Vice President (Events): Ben White
Vice President (Events): Elspeth Hansen
Vice President (Events): Michael Waks
Vice President (Finance and Operations): Saadia Ghazi
Director, National Security Research Committee: Julia Lohmann
1L Representatives: Claire Johnson, Sean Mirski, Sasha Pippenger, and Paul Wooten


Co-Presidents: David Palko and Brian Itami
National Security Research Committee Chair: Miranda Dugi
Events Chairs: Brian Clampitt and Laura Hill
Communications Chair: James Moxness
Academics Chairs: Alan Rozenshtein and Karsten Ch’ien
Careers Chair: David Husband
Treasurer: Innokenty Pyetranker
1L Section Representatives: Heather Alpino, Saadia Ghazi


Co-Presidents: Keith Gerver and Jordan Myers
National Security Research Committee Chair: Ivana Deyrup
Events Chair: David Palko
Communications Chair: James Small
Academics Chairs: Zara Lockshin and Brian Itami
Careers Chair: Pooja Nair
Social Chair: Jared Frisch
1L Section Representatives: David Husband, Alan Rozenshtein, Innokenty Pyetranker, Brian Clampitt


President: Michael Aktipis
President: Hershel Eisenberger
Director, National Security Research Group: Robert Williams
Academics Committee Chair: Richard Bodnar
Academics Committee Chair: Aatif Iqbal
Careers Committee Chair: J.J. Saulino
Careers Committee Chair: Paul Yoo
Events Committee Chair: Keith Gerver
Events Committee Chair: Jordan Myers
Communications Director: James Small
Social Chair: Amelia Schmidt