A Busy Year for HLS SALDF

2014-15 is proving busy for HLS SALDF! We hosted four events already this school year, have many more on tap:

  • Screening of Speciesism: The Movie. (TOMORROW).
  • National Animal Law Competition at HLS
  • Talk by PETA President Ingrid Newkirk
  • Town hall meeting on HLS’s Animal Advocacy Program
  • Professor Kristen Stilt talk on Egyptian animal welfare
  • ALDF’s Carter Dillard on population
  • ALDF’s Chris Green on  puppy mills
  • Talk on Hampton Creek’s vegan eggs
  • HSUS president Wayne Pacelle talk
  • Panel on farm workers

See events page for details!

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New Animal Advocacy Program at Harvard Law School!

Amazing news! A generous donor has just given a huge gift to HLS for “curriculum development, experiential learning, scholarly gatherings and exchanges, forums for discussion and debate, and the establishment of an Academic Fellows program”–all focused on animal advocacy! http://today.law.harvard.edu/bradley-l-goldberg-gift-will-support-animal-advocacy-program-at-harvard-law-school/

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Two October Monday Lunch Talks!

#1. Monday, 10/20, 12pm, Pound 102: University of Toronto’s Professor Lesli Bisgould discusses animals and the law, over a free Italian lunch!

#2. Monday, 10/27, 12pm, Austin 200: NutritionFacts.org’s Dr. Michael Greger gives a hilarious nutrition presentation–with free falafel!


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Virtual Reality at HLS

This Friday (Sept 8), stop by Milstein West B, anytime from 10am-3pm, to try out state-of-the-art VIRTUAL REALITY TECHNOLOGY, free! Come experience life as a chicken.

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Welcome Professor Stilt!

HLS Student Animal Legal Defense Fund welcomes Professor Kristen A. Stilt to the Harvard Law faculty.

Professor Stilt joins us from Northwestern University School of Law, where she taught courses on Animal Law and Animal Rights, and supervised student volunteers for the Nonhuman Rights Project. She also helped found the Egyptian Society for Mercy for Animals and authored Animal Welfare in Islamic Law.

Welcome, Professor Stilt!

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Jared Goodman Speaks on Orcas in Captivity

SALDF would like to thank those who attended our lunch talk today: “Making the Case Against Keeping Orcas in Captivity.” With 90 people in the audience, Jared Goodman, Director of Animal Law at PETA, discussed the ways that captivity is detrimental to orcas and the efforts that PETA has made to relieve their suffering and end orca captivity. Thank you to all who attended!

a IMG_5408   aa IMG_5443 

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The Meat We Eat: 2014 Forum on Industrial Animal Farming at Harvard Law School 




Harvard Law School will be hosting an academic conference on Friday, April 4 in which factory farming and its environmental, public health, and animal welfare impacts will be evaluated and explored. This forum is free to any Harvard University students and open to the public. To attend, please register using the link below. We hope to see you there!


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“Making the Case Against Killer Whales in Captivity”

PETA attorney Jared Goodman will speak at HLS on Wednesday March 5th about orcas in captivity. He will discuss the damaging effects of captivity on orcas, PETA’s efforts to encourage OSHA to cite SeaWorld for the death of trainers, PETA’s 13th Amendment lawsuit, etc!

Vegan lunch (Amsterdam Falafel) will be provided!

March 5th at noon in Pound 101. We hope to see you there!


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Black Rhino Hunting Auction: A method of “conserving” an endangered species?

In January 2014, the Dallas Safari Club auctioned off a permit to hunt and kill an endangered Black Rhino in Namibia, a southern African country that offers five such permits a year. Corey Knowlton, who works as a hunting consultant for Hunting Consortium, placed the winning bid of $350,000. With this license, he is permitted to kill one of the remaining 4,000 black rhinos still in existence in the wild.

Knowlton and the Dallas Safari Club are defending the auction by stating that the proceeds of this auction will go toward efforts to protect this endangered species. However, conservation groups and animal welfare organizations refute this defense by arguing that allowing for the killing of a member of an endangered species sends a negative message to the public, regardless of the amount of money raised to protect the remaining members of the species.

The Endangered Species Act requires receiving a special permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services in order to bring an endangered species into the country. If Knowlton proceeds with the hunt, the Humane Society of the United States and other conservation and animal welfare groups have stated that they will attempt to block Knowlton from bringing the dead Black Rhino “trophy” back to the United States.

To read more about the Black Rhino auction, see below:



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Get Excited for the Spring Semester!

Welcome back! As the semester kicks off, SALDF is gearing up to host exciting speaker events, movie screenings, and a conference co-hosted with the Food Law Society on industrial animal agriculture. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us! Stay tuned for updates on events and we look forward to seeing you this semester.

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