The HLS Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) is a group of students who care about animals and the issues facing them. HLS SALDF was founded in 1995 as a student chapter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, a national organization of lawyers engaged in litigation and legislative efforts on behalf of animals. HLS SALDF has four major goals:

  1. providing support, education, and work opportunities for students interested in animal rights or welfare law;
  2. educating the HLS community about issues facing animals, including institutionalized forms of animal abuse and the means of combating them through legislation and litigation;
  3. offering social functions for students interested in vegetarian and vegan food. You don’t need to be a vegetarian to be in SALDF, but we provide many opportunities for you to explore delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine; and
  4. providing assistance to animals who are currently suffering through student fundraising and volunteering.

Check the upcoming events page to see what SALDF has planned.

To get involved, e-mail us, or find us on Facebook here or here!

To join the Harvard SALDF email list, click here, or email majordomo@lists.law.harvard.edu with “subscribe saldf-list” in the body of the email.