Upcoming Events: 2014-2015 School Year

Oct 2014: U of Toronto's Prof Lesli Bisgould discusses animals and the law

Oct 20, 2014, 12pm, Pound 102: U of Toronto’s Prof Lesli Bisgould discusses animals and the law. Free Italian lunch.

Wayne Pacelle, CEO & President, Humane Society of the United States, speaks

February 2015: HLS holds National Animal Law Competition

February 2015: HLS holds National Animal Law Competition

Oct 2014: interactive presentation with Dr. Michael Greger

Trip to Portland, OR for Animal Law Conference

Trip to Portland, OR for Animal Law Conference

“Cowspiracy” screening, Sept 29, 7:10pm, WCC 1010

Previous Events

  • April 2014 conference on factory farming at Harvard Law School

    April 2014 conference on factory farming at Harvard Law School

    The Meat We Eat: 2014 Forum on Animal Agriculture: On April 4th, 2014, Harvard Food Law Society and HLS SALDF teamed up for a day-long conference on factory farming, with over 200 attendees. (Thanks to our supporters for making this possible!) Harvard Law Today and Our Hen House covered the conference.

  • PETA counsel Jared Goodman presented, “Making the Case Against Killer Whales in Captivity,” on March 5, 2014. Generously sponsored by Amsterdam Falafelshop, VegFund, and Prof Abrams. 88 people attended, and the Harvard Law Record covered the event:
  • On April 24th, 2014, MIT’s Ryan Shapiro presented, “‘That Time the FBI Labeled My Dissertation Research a Threat to National Security': Scholarly Inquiry, Political Dissent, and Freedom of Information.” 96 people attended.
  • PETA brought its state-of-the-art virtual reality display to campus, on Sept 13, 2014, to let students experience life as a chicken.
  • On April 3rd, 2014, World Animal Net attorney, Akisha Townsend, discussed Career Opportunities in Animal Law.
  • Katrina Sharman, the former Corporate Counsel and future non-executive director of one of Australia’s leading animal protection organizations, Voiceless, spoke about the state of animal law in Australia.

    Howard Abrams, Fall 2013

    Howard Abrams, Fall 2013

  • 85 people packed into a Harvard Law classroom on Nov 25, 2013, to watch visiting HLS tax professor Howard Abrams discuss animal rights, libertarianism, and cats. Guests devoured delicious falafel sandwiches, and the Harvard Crimson covered the event.
  • Nick Cooney, Mercy for Animals. On Nov 4, 2013, HLS SALDF hosted, “Legal Battles in the Food Industry: A Conversation with Nick Cooney from Farm Sanctuary.” Nick Cooney, founder of the Humane League and now employed by Farm Sanctuary (soon to work for Mercy for Animals), spoke about his involvement with activism and farm animals. Guests enjoyed free Indian food.
  • Tabling at HLS: On November 6, 2013, HLS SALDF tabled at the Hark. We handed out 200 of HSUS’s “Meatless Meals” guides, and a ton of delicious vegan treats from Whole Foods!
  • Pro-vegetarian leafleting: Repeated occasions, at undergrad and law school campuses. Contact us if you’d like to join sometime!
  • David Wolfson, a partner at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley, & McCloy, advocates for animals, lectures at Columbia Law School, and is an Adjunct Professor of Animal Law at NYU Law School. He has given talks at HLS for the past several years on combining corporate law and animal law.
  • Phone Banking to Protect Mother Pigs in NJ on Nov 16, 2013: students made calls to help NJ override a veto of a law introduced that would outlaw gestation crates for pregnant pigs.
  • Future of Animal Law Conference.
  • National Animal Law Competition.
  • and more…

Nick Cooney, Fall 2013