“Memory of the Future” seminar with Daniel Schacter – March 5 at 5:30

On top of SALMS hosting Jennifer Lerner at noon tomorrow (March 5), there’s an interesting, sort of wild sounding MBB talk at 5:30:

The Harvard Society for Mind, Brain, & Behavior (HSMBB) invites you to join in its first Academic Seminar Series with

Professor Daniel Schacter

Academic Seminar: “Memory of the Future”

Monday, March 5th (5:30-6:30pm)
Sever 109

“Memory is typically viewed as a process that is concerned with the past. One function of memory that has been largely overlooked until recently is its role in allowing individuals to imagine, envisage, or simulate possible future events. However, a rapidly growing number of recent studies show that imagining possible future events depends on much of the same cognitive and neural machinery as does remembering past events. The close linkage between remembering the past and imagining the future has potentially important implications for understanding the nature and function of memory that will be considered in this talk.” — Professor Schacter

Come learn about the complex nature of memory, get to know the leading researcher on memory, and enjoy some amazing food!

Hope to see you there!

Harvard Society of Mind, Brain, & Behavior (HSMBB)

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