Daniel Dennett Covered by the Crimson

The Harvard Crimson covered Daniel Dennett’s fascinating talk about the influence of neuroscience on legal notions of responsibility.  The article can be found at:

Goutam Jois’s article “Stare Decisis is Cognitive Error” Published

Goutam Jois’s article “Stare Decisis is Cognitive Error” was published in the fall edition of the Brooklyn Law Review (75 BKNLR 63).  The article argues that stare decisis, far from enacting society’s “true preferences” with regard to law and policy, may reflect and exacerbate our cognitive biases.

HLS SALMS and the HLS American Constitution Society hosted a talk by Mr. Jois on October 22, 2009, at which Mr. Jois discussed the article’s content.  In his article, Mr. Jois acknowledged the comments that he received from SALMS participants at the talk (FNd1).  Please follow this link and proceed to page 63 to read the article:

Salms is Featured on the HLS Admissions Blog

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