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President: Danielle Bart
Musical Directors: Ellen Shulock; Marty Ehlenbach
Business Manager: Maritza Jean-Louis
Treasurer: Adam Cambier
Webmaster: Jean Strout


Danielle Bart ’13 is from Trinidad & Tobago, and went to Carleton College, which is where she discovered a cappella. In addition to sweet weekly rehearsal with the Scales, she enjoys being outside, making or thinking about delicious food, reading, and tv, but only good tv.

Adam Cambier ’14 is a bass who originally hails from Overland Park, Kansas. After graduating from Brown University in 2009 with a degree in History and Religious Studies, he spent a year teaching English on a Fulbright grant in South Korea. At Harvard Law, his favorite class is Civil Procedure (because he’s a stickler for rules), and he loves the Scales and the peanut butter cookies at the Hark.

Caitlin Connolly ’12 is from Washington and attended Barnard College.

Marty Ehlenbach ’13 is originally from Seattle and majored in anthropology at Notre Dame (go Irish!)

Matt Fahey ’14 is from Minnesota and attended Washington University.

Libby Fallon ’12 is from Massachusetts and attended Harvard University.

Bart Galvin ’13:
Hair color: Brown
Love of Petsi Pies: High
Favorite food: Barbecue
Hometown: Eastham, MA
Humanizing autobiographical blurb: Part of why I love a cappella is that I’ve always listened to early rock-and-roll, which frequently has memorable and wacky backup vocals. Buddy Holly has always been one of my favs. Doo wop is also where it’s at when it comes to really great bass lines.

Tomomi Ibe ’12 attended Brown University.

Maritza Jean-Louis ’13, a native New Yorker, is a 2L and also in her second year of studies toward a Masters degree in Public Policy at the Kennedy School. Prior to law school, she worked at the Open Society Institute, a non-profit organization in New York. This is her first foray into the world of acapella, and she’s enjoying every minute of it! In her spare time, Maritza enjoys running, playing piano, cheese, wine, and HGTV.

Carly Levin ’12 attended Washington and Lee.

Adam Muri-Rosenthal ’12.

David Page ’12 attended Princeton University and is also pursuing an MBA at Harvard Business School.

Steven Primeaux ’12 is a Louisiana native and former Scales music director. After studying French and philosophy at LSU, he spent a year teaching English in the suburbs of Paris. When not singing with the Scales, he may be found playing guitar, cooking, practicing yoga, or arranging music and performing for the Harvard Law School Parody. He would very much like a job. Can you help him?

Jared Rineheimer ’12 hails from Amish Country in Pennsylvania. He used to
study physics, but then physics stopped returning his phone calls so he got together with law instead. Jared and law have had their ups and downs, but he thinks they might be able to stick it out (as long as law doesn’t cheat on him with that scantily-clad economics) .

Clare Selden ’12 is an alto from Plymouth, MI. She majored in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Michigan, with a minor in Spending Way Too Much Time At A Cappella Practice. In addition to performing with the U of M Harmonettes, she has sung in showchoirs, vocal jazz ensembles, doo-wop quartets, and musicals, and has now reached nirvana as Music Director of the Scales of Justice. When she isn’t arranging 80s power ballads, she loves biking in Cambridge traffic, microbrewed beer and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, and Michigan Football (GO BLUE!!).

Ellen Shulock ’13 is originally from Sacramento, California but went to college at Northwestern so she’s used to the snow. Unable to fulfill her dream of starring as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde: The Musical, she decided that going to Harvard Law School and singing in Scales of Justice was essentially the same thing.

Jean Strout ’14 is a Mainer who majored in Gender and Sexuality Studies at Swarthmore College. She loves children, dogs, feminism, and non-profits, and has been singing since she was eight.