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Conversation withJustice Young-Joon Mok*

* Justice, Korean Constitutional Court; Member, European Commission for Democracy through Law

Examining a life of Legal Practice and Reform


Monday (Sept. 10th, 4PM)

Graduate Student Lounge (WCC 5th Fl.)

Refreshments will be served


Justice Young-Joon Mok (LLM ’90) started his long and illustrious career in the Korean judiciary as a district court judge in 1983. His judgments embodied a balanced but sharp reasoning, leading the Korean Supreme Court to change its precedent in more than a few cases. The respect he garnered within legal circles is perhaps most well encapsulated in the words “When Judge Mok speaks, the Supreme Court listens.” JusticeMok further made his mark in the Korean legal system through several legal reform measures while he served in the Court’s administrative body, including the adoption of a jury system in Korea and the introduction of law schools in Korean legal education.

Justice Mok has also been active on the international stage, serving as an arbiter at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague from 2006, and more recently as a member of the European Commission for Democracy through Law (otherwise known as the “Venice Commission”) from April, 2011.


In 2006, Justice Mok was appointed to Korea’s Constitutional Court.Justice Mok’s contribution to the Korean legal system was recently recognized in his award as “2011 Lawyer of the Year” by the Law Press Club in Korea. 


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