Meeting Minutes for December 3, 2012 Meeting

  • Sign up sheet:
    • We circulated a sign up sheet to account for all present.  Attendees and those with conflicts that prevented attendance will be given priority over those who did not attend without a valid reason.
    • If you have friends who are still interested, it will likely be difficult to accomodate them unless people drop out (we currently have enough interest to field 4 full teams).
  • Dates of the Tournament:
    • The UVA tournament will take place from April 5-7.  However, we generally do not play on Friday (the 5th).
    • These dates conflict with the spring MPRE, so please take that into consideration before signing up.
  • Travel Dates/Logistics:
    • We fly from Logan to Reagan National in Washington, DC.
    • There will be 3 travel dates to choose from:
      • One group will fly down on Thursday, April 4 during the day;
      • one group will fly down on Friday, April 5 morning/midday; and
      • one group will fly down late Friday (to accomodate those who wish to not miss any class).
    • Although we don’t anticipate too many issues, travel preference may limited based on flight availability and interest in each time slot.  We will handle this per the instructions below.
    • Everyone returns home on Sunday evening (April 7).
  • Preliminary Planning for Travel Arrangements via Google Doc:  
    • At about 5PM this evening, we circulate a google survey with important information for you to fill out.  Instructions will be included when the Document is circulated
    • We will rent 12 passenger vans at Reagan for the weekend.  Essentially, each team will have 1 van to travel to the various field locations at UVA (there are multiple).
    • Transportation to and from UVA will be based on flight arrival, but again we will need to organize who can arrive based on the number of people in each van.
    • There will also be space to indicate whether you are 25 years old and would be willing to drive the vans.
      • FULL DISCLOSURE:  we have chosen to rent vans so that those who wish to consume alcohol throughout the day can do so, and those who do not wish to consume alcohol and are willing to take on responsibility for driving can also do so.  We encourage you to volunteer if you believe you fit into the latter group.
  • Team Preferences
    • We will likely field either 3 or 4 teams.  In both cases, there will likely be 1 all male team, 1 competitive co-ed team, and the remaining will be “fun/less-competitive/drunk” co-ed teams.
    • The google doc will have a spot to rank your team preferences based on these selections.  Priority will be given to those who are prior UVA attendees and those who played in the Battle of Boston tournament earlier this year.
    • Team Preference Selections will not be binding.  We will make our best efforts to put people on teams that they prefer, but your preferences in no way guarantee that you will be put on the team you are most interested in played on.  Teams are not likely to be finalized until shortly before the tournament dates.
  • Booking Flights ASAP.  
    • After the google doc is completed, we will send out flight information based on who has signed up and instruct you to book your flight immediately.  You will then forward me your flight confirmation, and your spot on a team will be reserved.
  • Costs:
    • Although it is impossible to predict with 100% accuracy at this point, we will likely be able to cover a substantial portion of the trip due to sponsorships from Paul Weiss, Barbri, and HLS funding.  Jerseys will be provided, and the estimated total cost is less than $300 for the weekend (although it likely won’t exceed $200).
    • Thursday night’s hotel will not be covered by HLS in any event.  Those choosing to travel will pay for that room individually at an extra cost.
  • Logistics of the Tournament
    • The basic tournament structure is as follows:  There is a co-ed and an all male division.  Play begins with “pods” of 4 (world cup style) where you play all 3 teams within your pod.  The top 3 teams from the pod advance to playoff games (to be played Saturday night or Sunday).
    • Included in the costs for the trip is a BBQ Lunch on Saturday afternoon.
    • Rooming assignments will be determined at a later date, again based on preferences.


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