Announcements — Week of 9/26/11

1)  Election Results — Announcing Your New Representatives

  • 1L Representative – Section 1:  Dan Yanofsky
  • 1L Representative – Section 2:  Bo Shi
  • 1L Representative – Section 3:  Michael Waks
  • 1L Representative – Section 4:  Caleb Griffin
  • 1L Representative – Section 5:  Lina Kaisey
  • 1L Representative – Section 6:  Andrew Chinsky
  • 1L Representative – Section 7:  Leon Johnson
2L Representative:  Dave Joch
  • 3L Representative:  Chandler Tanner
  • Transfer Representative:  Jonathan Satz
  • LLM Representatives:  Emanuel Pessoa & Victoria Burt
  • SJD Representative:  Daniel Vargas


2)  Room Temperatures — What to Do When Your Classroom is Too Hot/Cold

If you’re ever too hot or too cold at school, you can:


3)  Classroom Clocks — How to Fix the Time


If the clock in your classroom is too fast/slow (and your professor is relying on that clock), you can:


Note:  The clocks in Austin East and Austin North were fixed just this week.

4)  Meeting Highlights — What We Discussed with the Dean of Students Office (DOS)

One of our major goals this year is increased transparency about what we do as your representatives and how we are responding to student needs.  In light of that, here are some highlights from our most recent meeting with the Dean of Students Office (DOS).

  • New Evening Transportation Options
    • Students contacted Student Government about the discontinuation of the shuttles from Lewis to apartments in Cambridge.
    • The Lewis shuttles were discontinued because the cost of those shuttles increased dramatically.
    • Students now have 2 alternatives for evening transportation.
      • 1)  Evening Van Service
      • 2)  Evening Taxi Escort Service
        • Students Served — Students who live in Cambridge (beyond Central, Inman or Porter Squares) or Somerville.  Students within the bounds of the Harvard Evening Van Service are expected to call the van.
        • Hours — 7pm to 1am
        • How to Use It
          • 1)  Pick up a voucher at the Langdell Circulation Desk after 7pm during Circulation Desk hours for use the same evening.  Students must show their HUID to the Circulation Desk Attendant and must sign their name and their HUID # on the log.
          • 2)  Call Town Taxi (617-536-5000).
          • 3)  Town Taxi will pick up students in the Lewis Lot (1557 Mass Ave).  Students must write the drop-off location on the voucher.  Gratuities are automatically handled between Harvard and Town Taxi.
          • Note:  Voucher receipts are reviewed monthly.  Use of the taxi vouchers for anything other than transportation from Harvard Law School to Somerville or an address outside the Evening Van Service boundaries in Cambridge and between 7pm and 1am will result in loss of taxi privileges and may subject students to disciplinary action through the Administrative Board.  If you do not use the voucher on the night you received it, you must destroy it.
    • For more info on transportation options, see for more information.
  • Slow Clinical Servers
    • A student contacted Student Government about the slowness of the servers used by students in Clinics and Student Practice Organizations.  
    • We brought this up with DOS, and they are looking into what can be done to speed them up.  
  • Coffee in Austin
    • A student contacted Student Government about coffee not being available in Austin for students with 8:10am courses.
    • DOS will adjust the delivery time of the coffee.
  • Tabling in the Hark
    • Contact to reserve 1 of the 4 tables in the Hark between 11:30am and 1:30pm.
    • A new system for reserving tables in the Hark is in the works.  More details to come.

5)  Student Government Office Hours —  Tuesday (10/4), 12:00 – 1:30pm, Hark South Dining Room

If you have any ideas or concerns, we’d love to hear from you!  Come talk to us during our office hours.
  • When — Tuesday (10/4) from 12:00 – 1:30pm
  • Where — In the South Dining Room of the Hark, near the windows
  • How to Find Us — We’ll have a Student Government sign.

6)  Event Spotlight — Living Well in the Law Program: First Speaker (Monday, 10/3, 5pm, Ames Courtroom)

One of our goals this year is to help highlight important events at HLS.  More information is to come on how you can get one of your student organization’s events into Student Government Announcements.  For next week, consider attending the first in a series of speakers coming to campus this fall as part of Dean Minow’s new initiative, the Living Well in the Law Program.  

  • Topic — Practice Wisdom:  The Right Way to do the Right Thing
  • Speaker — Barry Schwartz, Professor of Social Theory and Social Action, Swarthmore College
  • When — Monday (10/3), 5pm
  • Where  — Ames Courtroom
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