Meeting Minutes – 10/30/12

Meeting Minutes – 10/30/12

  • 8:04-8:11 Introductions
  • 8:11-8:14 Discussion on unfilled positions: Section 3, 1 2L Rep, 1 3L Rep, SJD Rep.
  • 8:14-8:22 Discussion of vision
  • Recreating that this is a positive organization after last year’s election.
  • The new constitution places us as advocates for the student body more than a governing institution.
  • We are starting later in the year than Student Government has in the past. This presents challenges and opportunities.
  • Past activities: Pub nights, Thanksgiving Dinner, Lunch with Professors, candy to 1Ls, and fliers on failure in law school.
  • 8:22-8:40 Appointment of Officers
  • Secretary: Tara Norris (Not opposed)
  • Treasurer: Jen Chan (Not opposed)
  • Academic Chair: Ben Apple (defeats Ray Palmer and SJD Rep. TBD 8-5-0)
  • Director of Events: Amanda Mindlin (Not opposed)
  • Director of Student Affairs: David Husband (defeats David Dorfman and Dahoud Askar unanimous)
  • 8:40- 8:45 Lisa proposes a pub night to be a kickoff for SRB. Wants it on a Friday so that it won’t conflict with HLCentral.
  • Jason and David H. propose the pub instead of Queenshead because in the past they’ve had a better attendance at Queenshead.
  • Lisa asks Amanda to start planning a pub night at the pub. Possibly a social gathering in the lounge.
  • Lisa proposes the 16th. The OPIA potluck is on the 9th. Harvard-Yale is the 17th. Proposing 5-7 or 6-8.
  • The 16th from 5-7 or 6-8 (Passed Unanimously).
  • 8:45-8:55 Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Do we want to be involved?
  • Amanda, Valerie, and Jason will work with Dean of Students to identify what still needs to be done.
  • Discussion of whether we should do a survey or make a decision.
  • Consensus on making a list of 3 to 5 charities to send to the student body. Send possible charities to Lisa by tomorrow.
  • 8:56-9:02 Talking to Restaurant Associates
  • They are willing to hear from us. Do we want to make this just about hours or do we want this to be about larger dining?
  • Debate about whether to just talk about hours or to widen it.
  • Would we gain credibility of getting one “win” on the one issue we focus on. Several members advocating for focusing on the Hark hours gap.
  • Discussion about sending out a survey on the hours.
  • Other complaints people have heard regarding RA: Price, the speed of getting through the line at lunch, drink selection.
  • Lisa: Proposal Sending out a Survey on the Hours. Table the price and quality issue for now. Passed Unanimously.
  • 9:02-9:05 Scheduling the next meeting.
  • We must meet every three weeks minimum.
  • November 13 at 8pm.
  • 9:05 Meeting Adjourned.
  • In attendance:
  • Lisa Lana – President
  • Andrew London – VP
  • Valerie Duchesneau – Director of Student Organizations
  • Emily Cusick – Section1
  • Dina Guenther – Section2
  • David Dorfman – Section 4
  • Dahoud Askar – Section 5
  • Paul Suitter – Section 6
  • Tara Norris – Section 7
  • Ray Palmer – 2L
  • Ben Apple – 2L
  • Amanda Mindlin – 2L
  • David Husband – 3L
  • Jason Sherman – 3L
  • Jennifer Chan – LLM
  • Charlotte Emin – LLM
  • Erum Khalid Sattar – general body member (SJD)
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