Meeting Minutes – 11/13/12

1. Introduction of New Members (Lisa Lana)

-New member present: Afton Cissell (Section 3), Gustavo Ribeiro (SJD Rep)

2. Hurricane Relief efforts (Lisa Lana)

-DOS wants to combine forces between student groups. We should be part of that central coordination for fundraising and hurricane relief

-Website to track what different groups are doing.

-We will help organize that.

-1L Competition: expand Thanksgiving charity dinner fundraising to “Raising Money for Hurricane” Competition. Determine winner based on most money raised including ticket sales.

-Section 6 is collecting for hurricane relief already.

-Prize: historically, it has been a pub night for the section that raised the most for the charity. However, there are new restrictions on doing Pub Nights, increasing the costs of having a section pub night.

-Could have a catered lunch with Dean Minnow.

-Law School requires that at least 50% of budget must be spent on food at any event where alcohol is served.

-Concern expressed over conflict with other law school-affiliated hurricane relief efforts.

-Concern over 1L interest given the open memo and Thanksgiving.

-Proposal: donations permitted at dinner as well, have each section decorate a bucket for proposals.

-1L Section Representatives will handle the bucket collection and decorations.


3. Finalizing Thanksgiving plans – Amanda

-SRB Board members need to be there 20 minutes before to coordinate serving

-Amanda will handle making a flyer about charity.

-DOS will handle decorations.

-Must check ticket at door. Since people will inevitably forget their tickets, we are recording names of people who bought tickets.

-DOS would like us to drop off tickets and money from sales daily. People working the second lunch shift should bring everything back to DOS office.

-Raffle – give Amanda’s email address to any place that you think would donate. Still looking for raffle donations.


4. Finalizing Kick-off event – Amanda

-Increased expense for WCC Pub Night – must buy food >50% of budget, so total will be significantly higher than was spent in previous years

-Switch location to Queenshead Pub, which is cheaper. It might have lower turnout, however. Spread the word for changed location after receiving confirmation email tomorrow.

-No objections to change of location.


5. Student Org updates – Valerie

-Email sent out calling for applications. Only 2 applications.

-Another email will be sent out targeted to EICs. No one from a journal or an actual student organization has committed to being on the committee.

-Committee responsibility will be to go through the constitution and act as a liason to student organization. Discuss potential policies before they are presented at SRB meetings.

-No constitutional restriction on SRB member joining Student Org Committee.

-No applications received for Applications for new student organizations.


6. Academics updates – Ben


-Extend add/drop week by one week. Possible to do by next semester?

-January Term issues: a lot of people didn’t get into classes.

-Traditional lunch/drinks for faculty members with the student body that hasn’t happened yet. Plan for February?

-1L concerns about reading groups: Generic descriptions given by HLS when 1Ls sign up for reading groups don’t accurately depict workload of reading group. Also, some reading groups started later in the semester, when LRW was more work-intensive.

-Previously HLS students have spent J-Term abroad teaching negotiation workshop as fulfilling a written requirement. DOS has pulled funding for HLS students to do this, but application deadlines for -Term have passed. Students who had planned on doing this for J-Term are confused and upset.


-Long term proposals:

-Academic advisors: 1Ls are assigned academic advisors, rather than getting to choose them based on their interests.

-Section 2 allowed to rank all affiliated faculty to be their academic advisors.

-Section 7 uses alumni 3-7 years out of law school as academic advisors instead of affiliated faculty.

-Board to voice student concerns about faculty and academic programs. More transparency to get students involved in actual administration, rather than just fun programs.

-Potentially pass resolution related to this in the middle of second semester.

-2Ls and 3Ls requesting that if they passed the NPRE, to not be required to take Legal Profession class.

-Potentially move class to 2L year, before most people take NPRE.


7. Hark Initiative and Grub Club

-Hark has extended hours. Only Lisa has heard responses from the student body, and these were positive.

-Meeting with Hark once per month for students to discuss Hark-related issues (“Grub Club”). Email will go out for people to volunteer. Food and beverages will be provided at each meeting.


8. Graduate Student Council – Andrew

-Student government for all Harvard Graduate Students

-Meet bimonthly on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.

-Graduate Student Council has requested 4 HLS students to be a part of this council.

-Received email from student who is interested in being involved.

-Email solicitation from student body for people who want to be involved. SRB members can also be on the council if interested.

-Council plans a mixer for all graduate students and plan various events. Law school has not traditionally had great turnout.


9. Vote on SRB Logo/T-shirts

-DOS has put together potential logos for SRB. SRB board members vote on favorite logo.

-Vote on SRB T-shirts – interest from board members. Board members would pay out of pocket.

-Look for someone interested in working with DOS office to design T-shirts.


10. Grant application

-Applied for HL Central grant. ($1000)

-“Field Day” for students: kickball, dodgeball, field activities?

-Chili cookoff?


11. Other thoughts/items from Board members


-Seminar classrooms on the third and fifth floor of WCC are closed and locked on weekends and after 9pm.

-Classrooms are locked at night so that they can be cleaned before morning classes.

-Ask facilities how difficult it would be to leave rooms open.

-Further questions about Thanksgiving dinner: No particular clothing requirements. Some board members will be serving food, some taking tickets, some helping with raffle.

-1Ls concerned about attending because memo is due the next day.

-Suggestion to push delay open memo due date- but it is 8pm the following night, so not feasible.

-Publicizing SRB: not very well known yet. Make Facebook page/Twitter.

-Letter to professors through on-campus mail asking for donations to Red Cross or for Thanksgiving charity raffle.

-Hurricane relief efforts: HLS Republicans do a blood drive; SRB will usually cosponsors (only required to publicize through email).

-Hurricane donation bins: people are putting trash in them. If you see something, say something!

-Change jars for hurricane relief around campus.


12. Next meeting?

-Tuesday, 12/4/12, 8 – 9:15 pm – no meeting on this date

-Last day of classes: 1L sections will be organizing celebrations.

-Will reconvene in January instead– date TBD.

Board Members Present:

Lisa Lana

Andrew London

Charlotte Emin

Jennifer Chan

David Dorfman

Afton Cissell

Dahoud Askar

Elizabeth Niles

Emily Cusick

Ben Apple

Amanda Mindlin

Valerie Duchesneau

Ray Palmer

Dina Guenther

Paul Suitter

Gustavo Ribeiro

Tara Norris

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