Meeting Minutes, 2/4/13

Lisa’s items:

Election Commissioner

  • Elections for SRB in Spring – need election coordinators (no one who is running for office)
    • Tara Norris and Emily Cusick


Admitted Students Weekend – volunteers requested from DOS


Financial Aid Committee

  • 1L rep Committee that works on financial aid for the law school
    • Valerie Duchesneau would like to represent international students
    • Paul Suitter


Student polling:

  • SRB must send out a poll to the student body concerning big issues. Email Lisa Lana with ideas about what should be included on the poll (facilities issues, registrar issues, source interest for possible initiatives).
  • Ideas:
    • Calendar @ Law update
    • Does anyone read News @ Law?
    • Color of the pub?


Money for Sections

  • Andrew and Lisa meet regularly with DOS and requested money to be budgeted for section events in second and third year – $500/section each year starting this year.
  • To be reported to the treasurer; must have a critical mass of section members attend.
  • Restrictions on type of event remain the same as those applied to 1L sections (with regards to alcohol, etc.)



RA/pub updates

  • Adding more food in The Pub at 3pm-8pm.
  • Put up board across from the pub to better publicize hours.
  • Pending: attempt to get somewhere to be open 2:30pm-5pm for coffee and snacks due to the lack of available coffee during that time.
  • Coffee machine in The Pub so that lattes and other coffee drinks are available to students.


Refrigerator in tunnels

  • There is a refrigerator in the tunnels underneath Lewis – by a microwave and vending machines.
  • Convenient enough location? HLS attempted to place it in an area without much traffic.
  • Cleaned frequently enough?


Computer locks in library

  • DOS agreed contingent on library agreement


Academic issues (Ben)

Lunches with professors

  • Small group lunches for sign-up.
  • When: early March.
    • Doesn’t conflict with Ames brief due dates for 1Ls.
    • Professor contact list?
      • Email list currently being compiled for SPIF auction.
      • Can bring letters to mail room.
      • Better to contact assistants for scheduling purposes.


Registrar’s Issues and Concerns

  • Extending the add/drop period by another week.
    • Should at least be extended past the firesale.
    • How can the registrar make their communication more effective?
      • Section 3: got the elective list wrong last semester and included electives that conflicted with Section 3 classes.
      • Complaints over the LRW schedules for 1Ls that conflicted with Negotiation Workshop.
      • Cross-registration information:
        • Would be helpful to have a lunch-hour information/teaching module “How to Cross Register.”
        • Updates on course offerings: registrar could create a subscriber listserv about course offerings and registration issues.
        • Counseling available for choosing classes?
          • Programs on study available, but don’t seem very effective/comprehensive for all programs on study (i.e., international).
            • Many 1Ls don’t understand how they work.
            • Programs on study fair?
  • Perhaps having a go-to person in the Registrar’s office.
  • Professors from 1L sections have given that kind of information, it would be useful if they compile it.


1L information synthesis and evaluation:

  • Provide link to student handbook
  • Schedule a time during which to go through the 1L information.
    • Bring any materials given within sections about 1Ls.


Calendar @ Law update: do people like it? Put on survey to student body.


Section 6 would like to know about the Pub Night that they won.


Possible Community Fair Grant from January Meeting?

  • Not applied: liability issues to have children present on campus.
  • Plan for other SRB events with available funds
    • Pub Night at Queenshead – March 7
    • Trivia?
    • Don’t want to conflict with Parody


ABA Conference on February 23

  • Students from all different law schools will be at the Harvard campus.
  • Food available.


Other thoughts/items from Board members

  • Tivli channels no longer available to law students – limited to undergrads.


Present Members:

Emily Cusick

Jennifer Chan

Lisa Lana

Andrew London

David Husband

Paul Suitter

Valerie Duchesneau

Dina Guenther

Gustavo Ribeiro

David Dorfman

Afton Cissell

Dahoud Asker

Ben Apple

Next meeting?

  • February 25 at 8pm
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