Meeting Minutes, 2/25

Budget: Jennifer Chan

  • Met with Darris re: budget. The DOS office did not account for many of our expenses, but now we should be caught up except for the Halfway through Harvard party.
    • SRB kickoff (~1000)
    • Thanksgiving (~4500)
    • Section 6 Pub Night (~500)
    • Halfway through Harvard (estimated at 1000)
    • We have approximately $7,800 left for events, but we are missing some receipts.


New events

  • Pub night? Queenshead was successful
    • Queenshead has offered to add in HLS-specific trivia if we want to do an HLS trivia night
    • Difficult to find a weekend when no symposiums, etc. are occurring.
      • March 7
      • Possibly plan one the week after spring break as well
      • Community involvement? “Giving Back”
        • Urban Debate League needs help – volunteering, event.
        • Looking for volunteer to help plan a bigger (non-Pub Night) event – contact Amanda Mindlin.
        • Supplement the DOS-provided support during finals?
          • Event for after exams? 1L sections do their own celebrations; LLM probably will.



  • Election committee: constitution requires 3 members from SRB, and 2 from general student body.
    • Student Body: two responses from email soliciting
      • Norman Greenberg (2L)
      • Anna Yuan (2L)
  • SRB members:
    • Tara Norris
    • Emily Cusick
    • David Husband
  • Will need to schedule a meeting with DOS about how the elections will run
  • Get word out to student body re: elections
  • Oversee any conflicts that arise over elections


Student Health Insurance

  • Students lose HUH insurance July 30 (after graduation), which is before students take the bar and begin jobs
  • Required that every school at the University is at the same schedule
  • Must end July 30 to allow for new students to get on health insurance
  • Alternative options
    • Cheap or free health insurance memberships
    • ABA: can get insurance for the summer after 3L year if you sign up while you are a student member
    • Dean Cosgrove will send the options to Lisa to pass along


Student Organization Funding: Valerie

  • March will be the time for student org funding requests for next year
  • 8-person board must review the funding requests
    • Must talk to organization leadership to give information about filling out the form for application
    • Valerie has met with Darris about simplifying the form and application
    • Meet 3 times in March for dinner to review the funding requests
    • Only student organizations – not SPOs or journals
    • Volunteers from SRB:
      • Paul Suitter
      • Andrew London
      • Any other interested persons should contact Valerie.
      • After these funding applications are processed, Valerie will work on filling in the SRB constitution to be more specific on the student organization issue
        • Will explain the process of forming new student groups



  • DOS did not know about this, but now are looking into it now.
  • Still get 4 basic networks and PBS


Resolution to hire more women and minority faculty memos: contact Ben Apple if interested.

Resolution to minimize use of fossil fuels (along with HKS and other Harvard schools): contact Ben Apple if interested in helping.


Harvard Graduate School Council

  • Leadership Summit: wants student leadership from each school (would like 3 people from SRB)
  • Leadership conference currently being planned, open to everyone
  • Mixer between graduate schools?

1L materials review

  • Dean Cosgrove has sent most of the information sent to 1Ls to Lisa
  • 1Ls still need to gather all of their documents from the beginning of the year
    • 1L reps, David, and Lisa will meet



  • Coffee issues: poll the following options:
    • Extend free morning coffee/ get refills until 10am or 11am.
    • Get rid of coffee and put in machine (like the one in Langdell)
    • Microwaves in the Hark
      • Not enough microwaves
      • Not strong enough
      • Survey will be sent to student body in the next week


Gmail migration

  • Some students still experiencing issues with forwarding even after they re-linked their personal and school accounts.


Next meeting

  • Tuesday, March 26 at 8pm

Present Members:

Emily Cusick

Jennifer Chan

Lisa Lana

Andrew London

David Husband

Ben Apple

Paul Suitter

Dahoud Askar

Valerie Duchesneau

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