SRB Budget Information

The HL Record recently requested a copy of the SRB budget, so because the SRB seeks to be transparent and responsive to the student body, we have posted our most recent budget information below.

The SRB has two purposes: 1) to advocate on behalf of students to the administration, and 2) to promote community among the students at HLS. The SRB is careful to only use money in furtherance of these goals. Thankfully, our role as advocates comes with no financial cost, so all of our expenses have been on events that build community at the law school. All SRB funds come from the Dean of Students Office.

We also have recently secured funding for section reunion events during 2L and 3L years. $500 is available for each section in both their 2L and 3L year.  This money goes through the SRB. We have not included it in the budget below because these funds have been specially earmarked and the SRB is never allocated the funds if the sections do not spend them. We encourage sections that have not taken advantage of this money to contact us, so you can plan an event.

The SRB does not have the authority to release financial information for other Harvard Law School student organizations. However, we encourage financial transparency across Harvard Law School including among student organizations. We hope other student organizations will also choose to be open about their finances.

Please take a look at the SRB budget, and as always, we value your feedback.

Lisa Lana, J.D. 14, President

Andrew London, J.D. 14, Vice President

Valerie Duchesneau, J.D. 14, Director of Student Organizations

Jennifer Chan, L.L.M. 13, Treasurer

October 2012 First SRB Welcome Meeting: Snacks 95
November 2012 SRB Kick-Off Event at Queen’s Head Pub: Drinks and Appetizers 1,045
SRB Kick-Off License Fee 75
Contribution to Thanksgiving Charity Dinner 4,500
February 2013 Prize for Top Fundraisers to Hurricane Sandy Relief: Pub Night for 1L Section 6 498
Halfway Through Harvard 2L & LLM Event: Black and White Cookies 119
Halfway Through Harvard 2L & LLM Event: Black Rose Appetizers [estimated cost] 600
March 2013 SRB Trivia Pub Night at Queen’s Head: Drinks and Appetizers 1,136
Total Past Expenses 8,068
March 2013 SRB Spring Pub Night 1,200
April 2013 Spring Outdoor Barbeque and Field Day 2,000
Exam Period Chair Massages and Goodies 1,000
May 2013 End of Year Celebratory Event 1,800
Total Estimated Upcoming Expenses 6,000
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