Meeting Minutes, 3/26

­SRB Meeting

March 26, 2013


Present Members:

Lisa Lana

Emily Cusick

Paul Suitter

David Dorfman

Afton Cissell

Dahoud Askar


Tara Norris

David Husband

Elizabeth Niles


Present observers

Eric Neidel (Section 4 advocate)


Classrooms (Eric)

  • Classrooms on 4th and 5th floor could be reserved online during the first semester, but that has changed during the last couple of weeks.
    • Can still reserve 1st floor “student study rooms,” but not the small conference rooms.
    • Now need a student group/account number, so an individual student can’t reserve a classroom
    • Lisa: discussed them being unlocked with DOS, but now the problem is not merely that the classrooms are locked but that they are not reserve-able by individual students.
      • DOS said that they would look into leaving them unlocked for students to use during exam time
      • Dahoud: Talked to Darris from DOS, students leave a mess that would normally be charged to the student organization that reserves the room.
      • Lisa will follow up with DOS about this


Ben Apple comes


Donation to Public Interest Auction

  • Public Interest Auction has requested a donation, but student government has never donated anything before.
  • Cannot use our budget for our donation.
  • Suggestions
    • David Husband: suggests that we make an SRB calendar
    • SRB-produced films starring David Dorfman
    • Lisa has volunteered to be an indentured servant for a day like HLR President has done in the past
    • Dahoud: facilitating dinners with professors
    • Elizabeth: at GW, auctioned off the naming rights to the 1L Memo (so name is included in 1L memo)
      • Should pass onto BSA – cosponsor with BSAs?
  • Dorfman: naming rights to President/VP chairs
  • Ben: write or perform a song/love ballad
    • Amanda Mindlin volunteered in absentia
  • David Husband: Guest of honor at an SRB pub night
    • End-of-the-year event named after them?
    • Create a VIP area, SRB members bring them drinks/food (out of drink tickets) – lounge area for winner and a specified number of friends
  • Emily: manpower offered for a public service/volunteer event?
  • Tara: buy a plaque for the DOS Candy Bowl
  • Lisa: deadline has passed, but they extended it for SRB
    • Will discuss with DOS re: options that they can give us.
    • Lisa calls for vote on VIP area at next pub night: passes unanimously


Blood Drive

  • Republicans have requested co-sponsor for their Blood Drive
  • We would have to publicize it
  • Lisa calls for a vote: passes unanimously



  • Pub night on Friday 03/29 at 7pm
  • Spring Semester events:
    • Support DOS finals events
      • Expand massage hours
      • More baked goods/ Clif Bars available
      • Law School is Ruff? DOS open to bringing in puppies, but will at least sponsor another event where people bring in their own dogs.
        • Criticism DOS has had of puppy event: people want to adopt them but then not be in the best position to take care of them; puppies bite more than grown dogs
        • Lisa calls for vote on bringing up puppy event with DOS: passes unanimously
  • End-of-Year BBQ: need to pick a date, but Events committee chair is absent.


Grad school council:

  • Afton helped plan Leadership Conference.
  • Harvard Summit next week.
    • “Great opportunity to learn from each other.”
    • Talk about how different Harvard schools operate
    • Free and “lunch will be provided.”
    • Lisa will send information to anyone interested – HLS can send up to three participants.


Migration to Gmail – call for comment or concerns

  • Dahoud: Gmail lags if forward from other addresses.
  • Lisa: Stopped forwarding to personal gmail
  • Afton: no access to Google Drive
  • No Gchat access.
  • Lisa will email IT re: requesting Google Drive access.
  • Call for continuing complaints or concerns to be communicated to Lisa


1L Communications Committee – Friday, 03/29, 3-5 pm

  • 1Ls or David Husband: bring anything that we received at the beginning of the school year.
  • Paul will not attend, but will try to get a copy of the information that he received at the beginning of the school year.


Microwave concerns

  • DOS did not bring up the microwave issue because was not certain if they were going to renew Restaurant Associates’ contract, but they decided to, so they said they will ask at their next meeting


Ben: Academic Report

  • Faculty lunches were a success
  • Registrar issues have been reported
  • Poll will go out tonight or tomorrow after getting it back from DOS


David Dorfman: Registration and advising sessions confusing

  • Advising session was not helpful; still feel like he does not understand the process.
  • Afton: professors not given a place to meet people within the Hark.
  • Lisa: in the future, perhaps SRB can assist with registration sessions and advising info.
  • Ben: perhaps should meet with the Registrar, have 1Ls explain their experience.
    • Come prepared to talk about this during 1L communications review
    • Paul: not personalized enough, would prefer to have an older student advisor to talk to.
      • So many student organizations have mentorship programs
      • David Husband: programs of study offer course advising.


Next meeting?

Wednesday 04/10 @ 8pm.


Ben: Referendum on fossil fuel initiative

  • Student group attempting to raise awareness and petition to get favorable election results
    • Harvard undergraduates have passed a similar initiative, although administration has not implemented it.
    • SRB might administer the poll.
    • David Dorfman almost makes comment, thinks better of it.
      • Changes mind: Central Harvard Administration has already rejected undergrad version
      • Would be primarily symbolic.


Lisa: DOS, Co-sponsor event for Patriot’s Day?

  • Massachusetts holiday on Monday to celebrate battles of Lexington and Concord
    • HLS does not cancel classes
    • Marathon Monday
      • Will have option to go cheer on HLS students and faculty who are running
      • Opening day for Red Sox, early game at 11 or 11:30 a.m.
        • Pub will be open all day
        • Boston Food provided
        • SRB involvement:
          • Plan events
          • Pass out food
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