SRB Meeting Minutes, 9/24/13

In attendance:
Lisa Lana (P)
Andrew London (VP)
Dahoud Askar (Student Org Rep)
Amanda Mindlin (3L Rep)
David Dorfman (2L Rep)

Issues Discussed:

-Signed card for 2L Rep, Paul Suitter, for the passing of his mother

-Elections – We need to be spreading the word and encouraging people to run. Lisa and Andrew will be visiting 1L Sections and other Board members available to help if needed. Lisa will coordinate voting with DOS.

-Wait on pub night until we have additional Reps – all in favor

-Updates on advocacy efforts so far this year: seminar rooms in WCC should be open in the evenings now

-Registrar – everyone agrees on extending add/drop; frustrations with how answers are given; evaluation revisions; question for administration: are evaluations tied to professor compensation? – Lisa has meeting with registrar next week

-4 major advocacy efforts based on last year’s survey: Course evaluations, Hiring of more women and minority faculty members, Public interest issues, Academic advising. Will discuss specific plans further based on new survey to student body

-Interest in advocacy around cross-registration

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