SRB Meeting Minutes, 11/6/13

In Attendance:

President: Lisa Lana (3L); Vice-President: Andrew London (3L); Director of Student Organizations: Dahoud Askar (2L); 3L Reps: Valérie Duchesneau, Amanda Mindlin, and Jean Park; 2L Reps: Afton Cissell, David Dorfman, Rebecca Gauthier and Paul Suitter; Transfer Rep: Alison Sher; Section 1: Mike Brandon; Section 2: Mengqi Zhang; Section 3: Ben Yang; Section 4: Mustafa Abdul-Jabbar; Section 5: Thomas Boyd; Section 6: Lakeisha Williams; LLM Rep: Emmy Rono
HGC Candidate Reps:
Chuwen(Anna) Dai, Mengqi Zhang, Zain Jinnah, Amal El Bakhar (not in attendance), Cassie Chambers
Issues Discussed:
8:02 – Lisa gets started discussing elections for HGC,
-          Introductions of new members- Jean (3L Rep), then introduction of all members

-          HGC Elections

  • Lisa: 5 are running for HBC, each candidate given a minute to introduce themselves, then they will step out and SRB will vote,
  • Amal couldn’t be here so Lisa read her statement
  • Each candidate then presents themselves
  • Candidates are asked to step outside, Mengqi is on the board so he is asked if he wants to recuse himself.  He then steps out.

–        open up HGC election to debate:

  • Paul: advocates for Cassie, as well as diversity of experience and year.  It is clear that all are great representatives and would do a great job.
  • David: advocates for Zain and Cassie as well
  • Lisa, Clarifies for Mustafa that Anna has been involved in other activities
  • Mustafa: clarification question: are last years HGC candidates still allowed to be involved?
  • Andrew: from his understanding anyone can be involved, but only people we designate from HLS will get to vote

-          move for a vote (1 abstention for all votes)
-          Chuwen(Anna) Dai – 9
-          Mengqi Zhang – 9
-          Zain Jinnah – 15
-          Amal El Bakhar (not in attendance)- 0
-          Cassie Chambers – 15 votes

  • Anna and Mengi tied so have a runoff where everyone gets 1 votes.  Anna gets 8 votes, Mengi gets 7 votes (3 abstentions)

–        3 Reps are: Anna, Zain, and Cassie, and Lisa brings the candidates in and announces who won.  Mustafa will join the three for the HBC meetings.

-          Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Lisa: we need to discuss logistics and get people signed up for committees, announces that the Great Boston Food Bank is the Charity this year
  • Lisa: does anyone do volunteer work there? Wants someone to talk about the work they do at the dinner.
    • Lakeisha has volunteered at the food bank in Boston
  • Lisa: Big things: ticket sales and donations. 1L sections can win pub event for most sales.  But, we don’t want to give 1Ls all the tickets, will give 40 tickets to each 1L rep to sell.
  • Amanda: Ticket sales – in the week leading up to dinner we will be tabling to sell tickets.   Big things is getting donations for raffle.  Trying to get the tax ID number so we can send out a sheet to any company we want to solicit.  Try and focus on local organizations because we will put their logo on things throughout the dinner.
  • Lisa: asking for help with anyone to help solicit donations. Tickets are $10 in advance, and $15 at the door.  There is a limited number of tickets – event is in Milstein East
  • Tom: what format are the donations?
  • Amanda: something in the form we can raffle off, gift certificate, certificate for a specific item, or item etc
  • Lisa: if you find someone who wants to make a substantial donation then have them contact Amanda
  • Mustafa: What about smaller donations?
  • Lisa: if they want to give smaller donations, have them contact Amanda. But if they want to give a concrete thing just collect it and bring it to DOS/Amanda and fill out google spreadsheet.

-          Timeline for tickets: we are shooting to have them printed by Monday, November 11, 2013. Tickets will go on sale next week via 1L Reps.  Posters and Flyers will also be printed

  • Lisa: Daily ticket sales will be turned into DOS everyday, write down names of people you sell tickets to in case they lose the ticket.
  • Electronic posters will also be available to be posted in facebook
  • Lisa: looking into how we can get leftover food donate
  • Amanda: will email everyone when she gets tax-exempt code.  As soon as we get flyers we need to get out into the community

-          What’s going on in the community initiative

  • Paul & Becca: Paul is already collecting info for RAs on what is going on in the community and he does this on a monthly basis.
  • Lisa: will include community initiatives in the weekly blast to students
  • Ali: Boston Globe has calendar of events as well

-          Committees : Events, Evaluations, Food, Library, Academic Advising, what else?

  • Afton: starting a committee to be on evaluations.  Administration has picked people and we are taking statements from students.  There will be a total of 6 students :Afton & Andrew will serve as will 4 other students
  • Lisa: we will be having a town hall to get feedback on this
  • Afton : Rakoff, Hanson, Manning are the faculty advisors
  • Lisa: Need events committee- Ali will join Amanda
  • Lisa: Food Committee: meet with Hark and ask for input David will chair food committee – Becca, Ali and Dahoud will be on it
    • Lisa and David will meet to discuss how to structure the committee
  • Lisa: Any other committees people would like?  None are presented

-          HGC Updates

  • Mustafa presents minutes from last week’s meeting:  HGC was just getting kicked off and doing introductions.  Some schools still electing members.  Kennedy School, Christina Maron is the communications point person and she is interested in working with the various graduate schools.  HBC had a laser-tag get to know you.

-          Advocacy Efforts

  • Lisa: Quick updates, Mike brought up issue about operating systems.  DOS hadn’t heard about this and IT email went out about exam information.  IT is working on exam software with compatibility with Exam4 for Mac users.
  • Mike: for dorms you are supposed to set settings to update daily
  • Lisa: If this is still an issue, contact Lisa.  You can do a practice test to test the software
  • Lisa: Also getting concerned about classrooms in the WCC.  Technology has been stolen, so we are looking into maintaining study spaces with safety.  We are working to resolve this.  But there have been 4 thefts this semester.  Rooms lock after classes.  We are asking if the classrooms can stay open to a later hour.  Rooms on the 3rd floor will be open till 10.  If someone is in when they come to lock the room you will not be kicked out
  • Andrew: If the 3rd floor rooms are filled, facilities will be more willing to open up others. So if rooms are full then administration will be less concerned about safety b/c there will be people around

-          Making compost the default when scheduling events
-          Getting Compostable utensils
-          Discussion of gender neutral bathrooms – will likely take a survey

  • In dorms bathrooms not being gender neutral is brought up.
  • Lisa: believes in the past people in the dorms decided they did not prefer gender neutral bathrooms
  • Another suggestions is have mixed floors so that some floors are gender neutral
  • Andrew: some issues are being raised by LAMBDA – one solution is to potentially turn single stall bathrooms into gender neutral bathrooms.  Find a balance for bathrooms because most students would want people to feel comfortable using a bathroom and balancing that with students who want to use a gender specific bathroom.
  • Lisa: it has been brought up to Lisa and DOS so we are exploring feasible options b/c there are ordinances etc.  We will put in questions in our survey to poll student body.

-          Postage available on campus?  Lisa brought it up to DOS and they are open to it.

-          General concerns from the board/miscellaneous

  • David: Discussing student issues with ILS and studying abroad.  A few students believe that the process is frustrating and should be streamlined.  These students had approval from foreign university and Harvard said no b/c school wasn’t on list and then Harvard said yes.  Will investigate this further so we are clear on specific issues.  Can ask on survey have we had bureaucratic difficulties with studying abroad?
  • Lisa: we can use survey as tool to determine if this should be a priority for advocacy efforts.
  • David: perhaps this speaks to idea that we want things to be easier to change and innovate
  • Dahoud: Registrar doesn’t list how many spaces in each class when you register/choose the class.
  • Valerie: brought up for students that don’t drink, to have better selection of non-alcoholic events.
  • Lisa; DOS will talk to other schools about what they do for non-alcoholic events, and also sponsoring non-alcoholic events. Agreed to have wider selection of non-alcoholic beverages
  • Mustafa: they could provide non-alcoholic beer
  • Tom: could computer lab in WCC be open earlier
  • Lisa: DOS agreed to open earlier during exams but issue is it has to be staffed.  Will look into opening earlier throughout the year
  • Paul: only time had issue when there are times when library isn’t open 24/7
  • Lisa: Student org room has printers so that is one option- spread the word on that.
  • Ali: standing chargers
  • Lisa : we will talk about lunches with professors in the spring
  • Lakeisha: having more dining options- the hark closes early for dinner.  Late night options?
  • Lisa: put on survey what hours do you eat?  Do you want late night options? Maybe for weekend dinning times as well.  In past they have done trial periods, but we need to tell people so people know.

-          Next meeting, 11/ 25 or 11/26 due to Thanksgiving break

  • Lisa: Next meeting will be Monday the 25th
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