SRB Meeting Minutes, 11/25/13


In Attendance:

President: Lisa Lana (3L), Vice-President: Andrew London (3L), Director of Student Organizations: Dahoud Askar (2L), 3L Reps:  Jean Park, 2L Reps: Afton Cissell and Paul Suitter, Transfer Rep: Alison Sher, Section 1: Mike Brandon, Section 3: Ben Yang, Section 5: Thomas Boyd, Section 7: David Smith, LLM Reps: Alejandro Mont and Emmy Rono

Issues Discussed:


-          Lisa: thanks everyone for helping out at thanksgiving, we raised $3,200 for the food bank

  • Keep reminding people of the can drive
  • Mustafa will coordinate that the cans get picked up
  • Also have the Typhoon drive going, can give money to DOS or coordinate with Lisa

-          How are the 1L reps doing?

  • Each 1L section can vote or choose which organization they want to donate to


-          Lisa: graduate council has a poll out regarding developing a university wide email policy and they want our input as to what will be in the policy

-          Andrew: this is in response to scandal at the college last year where people were caught up in a cheating scandal – in relation to scandal the story was leaked to newspapers

  • Administration went into RA’s emails to see who leaked it, which resulted in another story of the university hacking into emails
  • Looking for student input about university wide policy.  Our guess is students want as much privacy as possible, but under what circumstances would be acceptable for the university to read student emails.

-          Lisa: question posed is “what would you like to see in a Harvard university wide communication policy and how would you like to see this policy structured?”

-          Paul: getting traction because faculty emails were also read

-          Lisa: anything have anything beyond we would like emails to be as private as possible?

  • Tom: do we need to explain situations in which they could check the email? Why give the university the discretion
  • Jean: unless criminal investigation, emails should be private
  • Andrew: common among employers that email is not your property, but we are not employees
  • David: what would happen after students leave? Are they still under those exceptions?
  • Afton: there are also concerns with clinical emails, these should be protected
  • Lisa: should be clear what the policy is since we don’t even know what it is at the moment, or where we can find it. It is likely online somewhere.  Therefore the policy needs to be more transparent
  • Alejandro: if they draft a policy, students should be able to see it in draft form
  • Jean: seconded notion of protection of alumni emails
  • Tom : vote for university alone to never have authority to look into emails unless an outside agency is conducting an investigation
  • Andrew: I would tailor Tom’s statement to student emails, there should be a difference between student vs alumni emails
  • Paul : we cannot opt out of the email address and we can’t opt out of using the Harvard email so we should be protected


-          Lisa: discussing plan for end of semester

  • DOS does a lot of wellness things during exam period like massages, pancake bfast – encourage students to take care of themselves

-          Andrew: there may be other things at the pancake breakfast like waffles & crepes

-          Lisa: facilities accessibility has been an issue but during exams, all rooms will be open in the WCC till 10pm and you can stay past 10 if you are already in there

  • This should start right after Thanksgiving


-          Jean – talking to some people that none of the rooms of the 3rd through 5th floors that the doors don’t lock from the inside so if there is a dangerous situation then we can’t protect ourselves

-          Lisa: projectors are being stolen

-          Paul : frustrated  b/c of stairwell that comes down of the outside of the building off the 2nd floor patio – the doors to the building are locked from the patio. Used to be unlocked until the key access time but now it locks earlier

  • Some doors like by Griswold are locked early – around 5

-          Group discussion about potentially healthier things around during exams

-          Lisa: for massages we don’t have to pay for half of them, there are going to be more of them this year, talked about puppies but there have been some issues on both ends with getting them here


-          Lisa: had a suggestion regarding facebook groups where people post where extra food is after events

  • What is the possibility of taking food after events with donating foods?  Shelters have strict policies and they also cant serve half eaten food
  • If there is a lot leftover we can work with groups to get the food donated as well vs telling Harvard students about leftovers

-          Paul: is there ever that much food left over?

-          Afton: usually always scraps after lunch talks so it might not be worth donating, but we could try and make it HLS policy for larger events to donate the food


-          Lisa: any other advocacy issues?

-          Jean : 3Ls feel bombarded by unhelpful emails, they don’t want any more info about OCS etc but that they want more guidance about the Bar & MPRE

-          Afton: seconded that there is no bar information and would like an info session, this is especially important for pro-bono hours which some states are changing and this information isn’t getting to students

-          Lisa: what about 1Ls and emails?

  • David: more is better than less, feels like 1Ls know what they need to know
  • Ben: seconded that we get the right amount of emails
  • Tom: it should be easy to unsubscribe for list-serves
  • Lisa: some things you can’t unsubscribe from

-          Tom: who won the thanksgiving 1L section?

  • Lisa: we will look into that

-          Emmy: so people are complaining about the lack of variety at the Hark

  • Andrew: menus the Hark showed us when we were meeting with them demonstrated variety, there is some concern over purchasing food so that they have to purchase a certain amount of food
  • Dahoud: Has the food committee met?
  • Lisa: I will follow up with David, but RA wants to meet with us and so hopefully we can have one during J- term and next semester
  • Alejandro: complaints about weekend hours for the Hark
  • Lisa: this will be on the survey going out to students, perhaps extending during winter hours may be a possibility.  We have discussed changes in schedule for J-term.  Please encourage people to fill out the survey it should only take a few minutes.


-          Lisa, next meeting Wednesday, January 8th (9pm) following Wednesday, January 29th  (9pm)



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