Meeting Minutes, 4/1/14


In Attendance:

President: Lisa Lana (3L)
Vice-President: Andrew London (3L)
Director of Student Organizations: Dahoud Askar (2L)
 3L Reps: Valérie Duchesneau, 
2L Reps: David Dorfman, Rebecca Gauthier Transfer Rep: Alison Sher Section 1: Mike Brandon 
 Section 3: Ben Yang 
Section 4: Mustafa Abdul-Jabbar  Section 5: Thomas Boyd
Section 6: Lakeisha Williams

Section 7: David Smith.  LLM Rep: Alejandro Montt

Issues Discussed:

Grad School Student Government Reception


-          Davids: Reception was great, everyone shared 2-3 minutes about what they were up to at their various graduate schools.  Idea was to foster sharing of ideas.

-          Ali: Yea, we heard lots of ideas especially about community service

Fleeces and Jackets


-          Lisa: we have gotten the fleeces and jackets, need volunteer to be in DOS to receive them.  We can store them in DOS until we can pass them out.

-          David D: I can help with that.

-          Lisa: Anytime between 10:30-:230

-          David: Lets say 1:30

-          Lisa: We can store them in DOS, Jennifer in DOS  is expecting us.  We need help organizing and passing them out

-          David & Ali will help pass them out and Lisa will advertise in weekly email about coming to pick them up

-          We are taking responsibility so we are need to keep track of them.  Days that work for both: Mondays & Tuesdays

Anna Joseph & Gender Neutral Bathrooms


-          Lisa: update: there has been a lot of discussion and campaigning.  Conesus is to do a poll to figure out what students feel comfortable with.  We have some language that Anna and group have put together and we are waiting on Dean Cosgrove to approve.  Any questions for Anna

-          Mike: what is the rational for poll prior to referendum

-          Anna: it is what Dean Cosgrove wants us to do because she is on board but needs student support to figure our how many dorms, how many floors, what % of people want this and how people would preference for housing

  • multi-stall issue is trying to get a sense of what is possible in the building.  Vast majority of bathrooms will remain gender specific, till we can ascertain student interest/comfort

-          Lisa: More about gathering info about comfort levels for the various options. Also, concern over city code

-          Anna: academic buildings are at statutory minimum for how many bathrooms we can have and gender neutral bathrooms count as neither in the building so that is an issue.  Thinking of applying for variance but want to see student support before go through this

-          Lisa:  For this to be useful, we need to understand what students are thinking so we need students to fill in poll to gather information

-          Becca: Friend heard a group of people being against policy in particular the multi-stall units.

-          Lisa: I think we need to know how students feel and it is important to know who is against.

-          Anna: there is a lot of confusion, so please emphasize we are not pushing for all bathrooms to be converted, not even majority.

  • just asking for accommodations for those who need so they feel comfortable
  • feel free to send link around facebook

-          Mike: I am just curious logistically how will this work?

-          Anna: It is illegal to have urinal in gender-neutral bathrooms.  There would also be some construction because there would be a push to make the stalls more private and enclosed.

-          David: What is the statutory minimum, how many stalls will we have?

-          Anna: it depends on what the polls say and whether they want all the academic buildings to have them.  This year has been about raising awareness of the issues.  IF there is support and staff and faculty sign on, then school will apply for a variance.

-          Lisa: First step seems likely to change single stall bathrooms.

-          Anna: Yes, and we are also focusing on dorms.  North is the closest to having gender-neutral bathrooms but it is one of the most expensive.  But, we are trying to have options for students who want to live on campus and can comfortably say this is who I am.

-          Mike: Would you try and change 1 of the 4 floors in Gropius?

-          Anna: No we would never try and change just 1, we would spread them out to reduce stigma.  Ideally there would be 1 in each entry of Hastings, and a few in Gropius but spread it out.

-          Lisa: SO encourage people to fill this out so we can understand what people are thinking.  We can also circulate the frequently asked questions

-          Anna: Yes, and there are things like is this dangerous for women? Studies show that this isn’t the case.

Patriots Day


-          Lisa: Next big thing is Patriots Day.  We wanted to talk about what we were thinking. It is April 21st

-          Andrew: we talked with DOS, the one thing they mentioned unrelated to bombing was they were going to tone it down in terms of money spent, there will be plenty of food just might adjust the menu, maybe less balloons

  • ideas to recognize last year: we talked about ribbons, DOS also said magnets but we were unsure about spending money on magnets
  • moment of silence and discussed what we wanted to do to break up the event.  Dean Cosgrove was more supportive of idea of pulling smaller group into classroom for those who want to participate
  • discussing donations to One Fund- last year very few donated, but because we are advertising during event it might be more successful
  • also thought about raffle to raise money and DOS will get items to raffle

How will we recognize the bombing:

-          Dahoud: what is rational for moving moment of silence?

-          Lisa: because the event is in the WCC people are walking through and may not realize the moment of silence, and because it is a high traffic area it could be disruptive to moment.

-          Dahoud: It feels like anyone who is coming through is going to be part of the event, and this isn’t a religious service

-          Valerie: Can we post people at the ends to tell people what is happening during moment of silence

-          Dahoud: also if people are walking into the lounge and 100 people are silent they will likely realize what is going on.

-          Lisa: we also looked into if the marathon would be observing moment of silence so do ours in conjunction

-          Andrew: it might also happen before our event

-          Lisa: we can’t have this event during classes, so the official moment of observance may be hard to do given when we can have the event.

-          David D. : I think we need to have something for the one fund donation, I met some of the victims and any money we raise would be very helpful.

-          Andrew/Lisa : agree, issue last year was fundraising wasn’t tied to event

-          David S. : we can even do something where you make cards etc

-          Lisa: we tried to do that last year, and very few signed, coordination was an issue, but if we did it right it might be more effective.  If we have a Patriots day focused event and we have a table set up for this, maybe we can get more support.

-          Lakeisha: what about a way to donate electronically

-          Ben: what about 1L section reps building this up? 1L leaders can bring all money to the event

-          Lisa: That will help ramp up for the event, We can have a table for funds.  What do we think about raffle tickets?

-          Dahoud: I like that

-          Ali: Yea it went well at Thanksgiving.

-          Lisa: What about books?

-          Andrew: people were really reluctant last year because they didn’t know what to say to sign them

-          David D: I am skeptical, people have a hard time and are reluctant

-          Lisa: ok maybe focus efforts on the fundraising.  If anyone sees anything about moment of silence please forward that info to me.  It seems like the consensus is to have it in the lounge

  • Ribbons: have Boston strong ones


-          Andrew: another thing was to publicize places to be.

-          Ali: other suggestions: fill in

-          Lisa: There is also a re-enactment in Lexington and one in Cambridge.  Andrew will follow up with Dan to coordinate how to make this happen. Thoughts on how to coordinate? We won’t get a bus but we want to tell people where to go

-          Andrew: It is really early

-          Valerie: But it is also epic

-          Andrew: Re-enactors are historically accurate and make it a big deal.  Dean Cosgrove is really into it.


-          Lisa: Other big thing is to ask for you all to be there to help with raffle tickets and fundraising.  There will probably be more to do this year because of the raffle and fundraising.  We will also be like bouncers so if they want a drink, we will be checking IDs. But we all switch out.

-          Ali: What is the timing of the event?

-          Andrew/Lisa: 11:45-1:30

-          Lisa: last year there were t-shirts, but DOS doesn’t want to do that again.

-          Dahoud: if possible to have chowder without bacon

Last few things:


-          Lisa: I have been asked to help the freedom Seder, so please spread the word through facebook and list-serves. It is put on by JSLA & Bulsa and other affinity groups.  It is for the entire school and focuses on the shared discrimination histories of different groups.

  • this is April 8, 7-9PM

-          Lisa: constitution language is out, it will remain open till Monday at 8PM, please ask people to vote so we have enough to pass.

-          Lisa: quick update on evaluations committee: we met with Dean Cosgrove and plan was to have town meeting.  Dates we were looking at we couldn’t book a room and it is the end of the semester, so feedback is also on the survey.  But if you know people who have strong comments, please email Lisa or Afton.

  • dos is receptive to making changes.  They thought some questions were useful and when heard some of the eval process wasn’t useful they were receptive to that
  • we talked about it being online, and there was some support for that

-          Valerie: We have spent A little over 3,300 of budget. Our budget for the next two activities is  $11,433 left.

  • it include halfway through Harvard
  • I am confused about entries on here.  There are some SRB lunch meetings for $10,$11, or $12 dollars

-          Lisa: I have no idea what that is for.

-          Andrew: is DOS charging us for the lunches when we meet with them?

-          Valerie: appears they are for every other Thursday.

-          Lisa: It appears that they are charging us for those lunches, we will stop that since we don’t use our budget for us, we will repay that.  We told them we didn’t want food and they continued to feed us.

-          Valerie: most of the charges are small, I am just flagging it

-          Dahoud: it doesn’t feel fair to have you all pay this back.

-Lisa: Valerie will you follow up to clarify those charges? I will talk with them about making sure we are not being charged for our lunches at our meetings with them and figure out how to pay this back if needed.

Other events:

-          David: So in light of windfall anything else we want to spend money on?

-          Lisa: so we have $11,400 we have a lot of money to spend, Maybe we can start with that we need to pick a day.

-          Dahoud: money will be helpful so we have the right amount of food.

-          Andrew: the issue last year as well was the servings were off for what we ordered

-          David: What do we want the restaurant to be? Or has this been decided

-          Dahoud: Should we decide the date?

-          Lisa: Yea, last day of classes at lunch?  After class?

-          Dahoud: we have to be careful about progressive formal

-          Lisa: so have bbq at 3ish?

-          Tom: will there be alcohol?

-          Lisa: I would propose ordering for RA because they are way easer to deal with and they know how to cater.

-          David: they also mentioned their new budget menu, not that we need to be conserving funds but it would be cheaper

-          Andrew: side note about nonalcoholic beverages, they have IBC Rootbeer and O’douls at the pub now.

-          Lisa: has anyone seen that?  Mustafa can we assign you to confirm that?

-          David: they still haven’t reacted to making 4Pm more prominent

-          Lisa: we got feedback over facilities having bulletin board across from mini hark, but the issue is over lighting.  Dos is on it and this should happen by next year.


-          Lisa: do we want to get a proposal from RA and drinking to see how much we have left.  I was going to see if we could use some of the money for the one fund, but I am not sure we can do that

-          David:  we can also brainstorm using money now during exam period

-          Andrew: we proposed that last year and DOS just paid for it.

-          David: SO then what would actually be a good thing to making that period less stressful?

-          We can brainstorm this.

-          Lisa: only specific idea that seems to have surfaced is puppies, but if you have ideas email them to me and we can bring them up.  If you have any other ideas about budget email them to me.


-          Lisa: scheduling social event for us.  Also, next meeting: before patriots event:  April 16 @ 8


-          Tom: couple people wanted to see if they could include mac cables in study rooms so can project in study rooms.

-          David: presumption that people have PCS may be outdated.

-Lisa: that’s an easy ask

-          Lisa: updates on stamps: DOS currently has stamps that they will sell and we are in discussion with RA about selling stamp books at checkout line.

-          Andrew: copy center binding: we have had complaints on people getting large amounts of copies not bound

-          Lisa: we were told don’t complain too much because these are free copies.

-          Mustafa: small announcement, intramural Frisbee.  We had an informal game with Kennedy School and business school and we got killed.  But, please just spread the word.
















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