Student Representative Board

The Student Representative Board is Harvard Law School’s student advocacy organization. It is the voice of the student body to the administration, and we want to hear what our members have to say.

The primary and most important purpose of SRB is to advocate for the interests of the student body, to the faculty, administration, and others whose decisions affect student life at HLS. We also organize events that promote campus-wide community-building and oversee the formation and funding student organizations at HLS.

The SRB operates based on the following general principles:

  • Advocacy
  • Active engagement with the membership
  • Building community
  • Operation by consensus

All current HLS students are members, and the SRB encourages the active participation of all members. In addition, the Rep Board has elected representatives, who are charged with representing the interests of particular groups of members. The SRB holds general body meetings at least once every three weeks during the academic year, while classes are in session. The purpose of these meetings is to provide updates on the activities of SRB, to receive feedback and hear concerns from the student body and the representatives, and to plan major initiatives in a public venue.

The SRB believes strongly in transparency and active engagement with the student body. We strive to maintain open channels of communication and a current perspective on the opinions of our classmates. Please let us know how we are doing.

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