Big and Little Sisters Share their WLA Mentorship Stories

Still deciding whether to participate in this year’s Big/Little Sister Mentoring Program? Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to help make a new student’s transition to HLS a little bit easier and to make a new friend in the process. Here are some testimonials from HLS women sharing what the program has meant to them:

I am so grateful to have been matched with Kristen through WLA’s Big/Little Sister program. From the silly questions about binders versus notebooks and looking up textbook lists before classes started to longer conversations about navigating summer work options, Kristen was always there for me with a thoughtful, informed perspective and a smile on her face (and coffee or Berryline, too!). I look forward to staying friends with my Big Sister in the coming years. Thanks, WLA!
- Isabel, Little Sister ’13-’14

The WLA Mentoring Program was instrumental in my transition to HLS. My Big Sister, Emily, was always available to help — from answering questions about course registration and what to wear to social events to meeting for coffee breaks when I was stressed about exams. She was also very involved in one the largest student organizations on campus and helped me to get involved as well. When I considered running for an elected office in the spring, Emily was right there to encourage me. I wouldn’t be serving on the Board without her support, and I am so excited to help an incoming 1L the same way Emily helped me!
- Lindsay, Little Sister ’13-’14

As a 1L, my WLA Big Sis was my mentor. We met for lunches and drinks, and she made me feel like I was smart enough and tough enough for HLS. As a 2L, my WLA Big Sis became my good friend. We met for lunches and drinks for the sake of meeting for lunches and drinks.
- Jamie, Little Sister ’12-’13, Big Sister ’13-’14

My transition to HLS would not have been as successful without my WLA Big Sis. Caroline was one of the most supportive people I had to rely on and ask questions of throughout my first year, and it was great to hear from someone who had been in my shoes. Whenever I felt like I wasn’t doing the right things or was getting off track, we would go grab froyo or coffee and my Big Sis would provide the perfect mix of listening and advice. I think the mentoring program is one of the most instrumental aspects of what the WLA has to offer incoming students, and I look forward to taking part as a Big Sis next year!
-Kellen, Little Sister ’13-’14

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